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Tirana. How to get to the capital by plane, train, car, bus


Long mistreated, and marginalized by the tourist circuits, the Capital has managed to recover. Like all Albania, after all.

Once upon a time, one of the worst European capital.
Today, instead, Tirana is one of the most popular destinations in the country. First and foremost due to the presence of the only international airport in the country which, in fact, makes it almost a must for anyone using the plane.

But this is only one aspect.
Tirana is a really pleasant city, to be discovered little by little.
Despite the chaos, traffic, air pollution …

Museums and monuments. The colorful houses of Tirano. Lots of places to stop, maybe for a rakia, or a coffee.
A particularly lively nightlife … this, and much more, awaits you during a holiday in the Capital.




The most practical and convenient solution for reaching your destination. Especially in the case of a short holiday, exclusively in the capital.
The international airport is located just 10 kilometers away, well connected to numerous European and non-European destinations.

Every day, buses depart for the capital every hour. The journey takes about 25 minutes.
Alternatively, you can travel by car, or taxi, from the airport.


Traveling by bus to reach the capital is a solution for those who want to save money.
Generally, there are connections with Athens and Patras, in Greece, Pristina in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.
A couple of runs a week are guaranteed, however, with Sofia.
Travel times are obviously quite high.
For long-haul destinations, the bus is an impractical solution.


For a holiday that includes just staying in Tirana, perhaps for a weekend, the car is not recommended.
The city is quite chaotic and busy. Furthermore, the difficulty of parking must be taken into account.
Different discourse in the case in which the city was a step of passage. The car, in fact, allows you to move freely within Abania.
Infrastructure permitting.

From Italy, you embark for Durres and, from here, you travel little more than 30 km, on SH-2, to reach your destination.
To the south, Patras, in Greece, is over 500km, for a duration just over 7 hours.
Distances, and travel times, almost similar from Sofia, in Bulgaria. Bucharest, to the north-east, is about 930km.


Solution absolutely to be discarded. There is no train station in the city. To find the nearest one, you need to move away from 10 km.

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