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Pazari I Ri Market Tirana. Guide, how to get there, opening hours

Pazari I Ri Market

Born in the far 1931, the Pazari I Ri Market, today, represents one of the reference points of the gastronomic tradition of Tirana.
Merit, above all, of the huge recent investments, which have completely altered its appearance.

In fact, Pazari I Ri is more than just a market. A real attraction, modern and in step with the times, in which we eat at almost all hours.
The current building, modern and welcoming, is the result of a massive redevelopment intervention that hit the market, and all the surrounding area.

Everything has been conceived down to the smallest detail, both in style and architecture, and in terms of hospitality and cleanliness.
Not just a place to buy, but a real point of entertainment in which to sit and eat.

The Pazari I Ri Market welcomes over 130 fruit and vegetable merchants, and numerous fresh fish stalls. Quality really is top of the industry. Naturally, with redevelopment the prices have increased and the genuine atmosphere of the Bazaar of the past has waned.

Tirana Pazari I Ri Market
Photo ©, Kevin Jasini



The Pazari I Ri market is centrally located, surrounded by colorful and picturesque buildings, a short distance from the lively Skanderberger Square.
Given the location, it can easily be reached on foot. From Skanderberger Square, and the nearby Opera House, you have to walk for only 10 minutes.

A few hundred meters long Rruga and Barrikadave, and, alternatively, Bulevardi Zhan D’Ark, the bus station is located.


The market is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 07: 00 to 22: 00.
Exercises outside the building observe different times.


In addition to buying genuine products, you will be able to sit down and have some of the products displayed on the shelves prepared. How to Markata and Peshkut, eg.
You can sharpen the fish at the counter, and have it cooked for you at the moment. You can choose to sit along the colorful tables on the pedestrian square, just a few meters from the desks.

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