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Getting around Tirana by bus, taxi, car and bikes. Info, bus timetable, tickets

Getting around Tirana

The taxi remains one of the preferred methods for tourists for getting around Tirana.
Buses, as always, are not particularly popular in terms of quality.
Cars and bikes, in our opinion, are not very congenial solutions.


The center of Tirana is not particularly extensive, and one moves peacefully between the various points of interest.
Pay particular attention while walking on the sidewalks and on the street, due to the numerous holes.
Same thing, when you cross the street. The Albanian driving style is not the best.

Getting around Tirana


Traffic, poor roads and parking difficulties. Here are the main reasons why the car is highly discouraged for moving to Tirana.
Moreover, the country has never been very sensitive to the theme of two wheels. This is why cycle paths are reduced to a minimum. Again, this is not the best solution for getting around the city.


For occasional trips, or during the evening, the taxi could be the best solution for getting around Tirana.
The prices are not expensive at all and, above all, by choosing official taxis you will be sure of clear and transparent tariffs
Official taxis are easily identifiable from the sign, license and taximeter on display.
By day, the basic rate of 250lek (around 2€) is applied; in the evening, 300lek. The rates for kilometers traveled apply to these.
Our advice is to make sure, in any case, of the rate of your trip.


Buses are the perfect solution for getting around Tirana and the surrounding area, spending very little.
In the city, several urban and long-distance lines are in operation, operated by different companies. That’s why you might see different buses by type and color.
Those marked with the word “Unaze” in the front, go around the center of Tirana. “Qender” are the buses that leave from the center (Clock Tower or Piazza Skandeberg)
Then there are lines that serve the suburban area and the shopping centers: Citypark, Casa Italia, QTU.

The ticket is purchased directly on board the vehicle, and costs as soon as 40lek (about 0.35€).
Keep in mind that the vehicles are not particularly modern; many do not have conditioned areas. Frequencies are often quite high.
However, they are incredibly cheap.

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