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Drive in Albania. Info, rules, speed limits, children on board, road signs

Drive in Albania

A holiday in Albania often cannot do without your car. With your own vehicle, you can move independently in the country. Here are some valuable information to drive in Albania.
As always, we recommend following some basic and universal rules: always respect the speed limits. Avoid driving, after having taken alcohol: low limit and zero tolerance throughout the country. Refusing to undergo the test entails fines of up to 20000€!
Never use your mobile phone while driving.


In the country, drive to the right and pass over to the left. Always remember to respect the safety distance.
It is always necessary to give priority to pedestrians crossing or about to cross a road; even when there are no pedestrian crossings on the ground.
In the event of an accident, you MUST ALWAYS STOP and provide assistance where necessary.

Albanian roads and motorways are very frequent. Special attention is reserved for cars with foreign number plates, subject to systematic checks. During a trip to Albania, you will surely be stopped by the competent bodies, at least a couple of times!


Driving License, Registration Card and RCA. Keep in mind that, in all likelihood, your Green Card does not include insurance to drive in Albania. In this case, you will need to take a valid RCA for the period of stay. More info from this link.

To rent a car, you must be over the age of 23 years.

Drive in Albania


Seat belts must be compulsorily fastened on all front seats.
On motorcycles and mopeds, the helmet is mandatory for driver and passenger.
Front and rear lights must always be lit on all roads.


The highways are the best arteries, currently present mainly in the central-northern area. Almost all of them, in recent times, have undergone a modernization process. Other motorways are under construction.
The highways are marked with green signs, and letter A followed by a progressive number, in white. They are not subject to toll payment.
The network is completed by the state roads, identified by a sign with a blue background, and the abbreviation SH followed by the street number. Generally, they connect the main destinations of the country.

Generally speaking, the quality of the infrastructure remains rather inadequate. Especially compared to Western Europe.
Not infrequently, you will see alternating paved roads, dirt roads, without any signs.
Horizontal signals are non-existent. For vertical ones, the situation does not improve: they are often completely hidden from view.
Except for Tirana, cities are often not indicated during the journey.
The worst conditions concern, above all, the roads to the south, inland, and secondary roads.

Traffic is concentrated mainly in large cities. Tirana, above all. But it is in summer that you will be forced to face rather long queues, especially along the coast and the seaside resorts.
The Albanians are notorious for being known for their dangerous and unpredictable driving style. Often without any rules.
Arm yourself with patience, strength and courage. That’s right. Between cars in double, and triple row, sudden turns, impregnable roundabouts (!!) and horns … you will want to scream! After a while, though, you’ll get used to it, and you’ll learn to jump into the fray.


Pay the utmost attention to the signs concerning speed limits, which tend to change frequently along road and motorway sections.
Generally speaking, the speed limits are as follows:

40 km/h in population centers.
80 km/h outside population centers.


When facing a trip by car with your children, all precautions are required to make the trip safe. Never forget that children’s safety is in your hands.
Seat belts must always be well fastened.
Children must always be insured on restraint systems appropriate to their weight and age, preferring, where possible, the rear seat of the vehicle.

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