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Santorini Sensations: best and spectacular sunset in the island for aperitifs

Santorini Sensations

Sensations is the special dedication of Kanoa, to all those who love to get excited. An incredible sunset. A romantic moonlit walk. An aperitif to spend with your partner and your friends. All this, in splendid contexts and evocative locations. Like the beautiful island of Santorini.

A place that contains, in itself, magic, charm and suggestion. Santorini Sensations is all this.

Thanks to a perfect Cycladic style, and a lush and beautiful nature, Santorini is a real paradise of volcanic origin. The perfect place for your holidays. The place where, once set foot, you will hardly want to leave!

In the northernmost part of the island lies the picturesque village of Oia, where, we assure you, you will experience one of the Sunset Experience never experienced before. According to many, it is precisely here that it is possible to witness the best sunsets in the world.

Santorini Sensations

Oia is a real one “Cycladic crib”. A magical and suggestive place, where you can stroll through the beautiful, narrow and labyrinthine alleys, extremely crowded, especially during the “hot” periods.

Even here, as indeed throughout the island, there are typical churches with shining domes. Oia offers ideas for numerous photographs. Every alley, place, and glimpse, takes on a particular beauty. The houses with the strange shapes, the suggestive chapels, the restaurants and the hotels almost dug inside the rocks.

Kanoa Sensations recommends an aperitif or a traditional glass of Vin Santo (typical local wine not to be confused with the Tuscan one).

For a perfect Santorini Sensations, we recommend the Sun Spirit bar, local perfect, whether you are a couple, or with your friends. You can relax, enjoying the magnificent sunset from a privileged position, overlooking the Caldera of the Santorini archipelago.

Alternatively, if you can not sit at the Sun Spirit, we advise you to take a seat on one of the many walls or roofs of the surrounding houses. If you find space, of course!

Our advice is to also anticipate 2 hours before the sun sets, since, the show attracts thousands of people; if you want, you can buy a bottle of wine in one of the many bars, accompanying the sun in the best way.

All that remains is to wish you a good … Santorini Sensations

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