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Places of Santorini not to be missed on vacation. What to do, see. Villages

Places of Santorini

Sun, sea, fun and…. culture, to discover one of the most beautiful and evocative islands in all of Greece.

Gorgeous. Fascinating. Romantic. Every year, especially in the summer, Santorini is literally besieged by visitors. And, above all, from lovers, the first eager to admire the most beautiful sunsets in all of Greece.

Here are some of the best places in Santorini to see during your vacation.



Thira (or Fira) is the beautiful village, the capital of the island. A beautiful and picturesque village 300 meters above the sea, with an agglomeration of narrow alleys and typical Cycladic architecture and churches (the latter, with the typical celestial domes). From here, you can admire truly suggestive views and landscapes.

Thira Santorini

Walking through the alleys of the center, you will come across the splendid Agiou Ioannae Cathedral, of which white is the dominant color. Rather small and simple, with arches and twin domes, dedicated to the cult of St. John the Baptist. It is one of the few Catholic churches on the island. It is located right in the center of Thira and to reach it you go up a flight of stairs.
Open every day from 09:00 to 21:00.

Even in Thira you can watch a magical sunset. In front of the splendid Orthodox church, for example. Or, better still, in the quiet neighborhood of Kato Thira; probably the only one that, far from the crowd, still retains that genuine and authentic Cycladic character. Among the low houses, the narrow alleys, absolutely magical views will open up, like the one from the church of Kato Thira.

Thira also offers many options for eating. The offer is very varied, being in perhaps the most touristic place on the island. You can opt for a Pita with souvlaki, tzatziki and tomatoes (really wonderful in this area) or stop at a restaurant. There are also numerous places to have a drink, listening to music, or relaxing while watching the panorama of the Caldera at night.


Akrotiri Lighthouse best Places of Santorini

Undoubtedly one of the places of Santorini not to be missed, not far from the famous Red Beach. To reach it, follow the signs for Red Beach and then cross the village of the same name, and then the small Eklissia Agios Eleftherios.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is a quiet place, in the extreme southwestern tip of the island, with a suggestive panorama and a magical sunset. Not to be missed during your Santorini vacation.

Few venture this far but it’s definitely worth it!


Pyrgos, with the nearby Monastery of the Prophet Elias, are two other places in Santorini that must be visited.

Pyrgos is a small town in the hinterland of the island. Capital until 1800, the city is a splendid Venetian fortification in a maze of houses, churches and narrow streets that climb around the Venetian castle (KASTELLI), following the shape of the hill. It is truly an evocative place, with splendid views and wonderful sunsets on the island. We recommend that you stop here for your dinner: the offer in the area is quite wide. To try, the inevitable souvlaki!

Church Pyrgos Santorini


Moni Profiti Ilia, is one of the oldest churches in Santorini, probably dating back to the 10th century. The monastery is really beautiful, located on the mountain of the same name from which you can enjoy a fantastic view over the whole island. The monastery is quite nice, even if it cannot be visited at all. What fascinates, however, is the suggestive panorama; from here, the view sweeps over Kamari, Perissa, Fira and the Caldera, up to get lost in the horizon of the island. The road is not the easiest. After Pyrgos, you have to follow the road to the end; in the middle of the final straight, a small door opens on the right leading to the small cloister.

The Monastery is open from 08:30 until 17 and houses a folkloric museum and a more interesting ecclesiastical museum with crucifixes, chalices and holy relics. Keep in mind that from this height, even in summer, the meltemi blows quite strongly.


Imerovigli Santorini

Photo ©, Matías Callone

Among the most popular places in Santorini to admire the sun plunging into the blue of the sea! It is said that in Imerovigli you can admire the most beautiful sunsets on the whole island. Not surprisingly, for its spectacular view of the Caldera, it is nicknamed the “Terrace of Santorini“. Obviously, no front row seats; here they are used to arriving even more than an hour earlier, in order to be in front of everyone.

Just over two kilometers from Thira, Imerovigli is mostly made up of hotels and restaurants; there are few houses. The earthquake of 1956 remodeled many houses, forcing many residents to seek refuge elsewhere; a skilful intervention, however, has brought it back to its former glory.

Among the alleys, panoramic or not, there are many churches; the splendid Ekklisia Theoskepasti does not go unnoticed, built on the edge of the cliff with a postcard view; opposite, there is the fortress of Skaros, which, in ancient times, was used to defend against the entry of pirates into the bay. Built entirely of stone, Skaros also had a wooden access bridge of which the remains are still visible.

Always Skaros (not a coincidence) is the name of the restaurant that we recommend, from direct experience. Excellent for quality/price; try the Moussaka, served in earthenware pans, washed down with local wine. Sea view: look for the right table to enjoy the view.


Ancient Thera Santorini

The archaeological area of ​​ancient Thera is a piece of history of the island that deserves to be visited among the places of Santorini.

The Archaeological Area is located in a magnificent position between Mount Profitis Ilia and the sea; just after a long and arduous path, past the Agios Stéfanos chapel, built on the remains of an early Christian basilica, you reach the vantage point on the black Kamari beach below. Not far from here, the Témenos of Artemidorus, a sacred enclosure; past the paved main street, you reach the Agora and the Royal Gallery with the remains of the perimeter walls and columns, and what remains of the Theater, in a splendid position overlooking the sea. In the last part of the route, you reach the Sacred Area, a true religious center of antiquity: the foundations of the Temple of Apollo Karneios are still visible.

The archaeological area is open every day, except Mondays (closing day) from 08:30 to 14:30. The entrance ticket costs €2.

It is located south-east of Thira, about 10 km from the capital; to get there, you have to follow the signs for Kamari, leaving the town center, a winding road, turta curves and uphill, leads to your destination. Do not forget water, hats with visors and protection: the height, the sun, the wind and the lack of shaded areas are not to be taken lightly!


Gorgeous Firostefani is one of the places in Santorini that you must visit before the sun is gone. Precisely in this tiny and picturesque village, a continuation of Firá, you can end your evening with a flourish, admiring the sunset, perhaps the most evocative of the whole island. Firostefani, in fact, is the highest point in all of Santorini and, for this reason, it is nicknamed the Roof of the island; also, you will not find the chaos and crowds of Iá or Thera.

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