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Getting around Milos by car, scooter, taxi, bus. Guide, info, tickets

Getting around Milos

An island, two souls.
As part of internal travel, it is good to make an important destination between two large areas.
The eastern part is possible to move to Milos through rather efficient, asphalted and flowing roads. Adamas, Plaka, Poland and other remote villages are perfectly accessible by all means and by public transport.
Different speech, however, in the western part.
Here, below, are the various methods with which you can move in Milos.


Alone or, alternatively, in combination.
Choose your vehicle carefully, especially if you want to reach the area to the west. In this case, you will have to deal with dirt roads and difficult to access.
The best solution is the quad, especially of large displacement.
Not impossible to move on a scooter. It is right, however, to proceed with extreme caution, opting for an 125cc, and being very careful … not to fall!
The western part of the island is also the wildest and most untouched.
To move in the eastern area only, a small car is sufficient.


Milos Taxis offers a large fleet of cars, modern and efficient, with which you can move in Milos and in the most important villages.
Rates are clear and transparent, with surcharges for airport, port, baggage and waiting times.
A ride from Adamas to Plaka costs about 8.00€. For the airport, 10.00€ plus supplements. From Pollonia, to Plaka or the Airport, about 20.00€.
We always recommend to check the rate beforehand. Taxi drivers speak understandable English.


Getting around Milos

From the main port of the island, daily caiques leave for wild beaches, and wonderful excursions.
Furthermore, from the port there are ferries to the neighboring island of Kimolos.
For those wishing to move to Milos, avoiding internal travel, this is the best option.


Public transport is managed by the Greek Milos Bus, which guarantees an efficient and reliable service. The main station is located in Adamas, a few hundred meters from the ferry terminal.
By bus you can reach many destinations, including Triovasalos, Plaka, Trypiti, Pollonia, Paliochori, Achivadolimni, Sarakiniko and Provatas, with several stops along the way.
From Adamas, every day, there are 8 daily trips, in the summer, to the international airport.
Times and frequencies vary, of course, according to seasonality.

Adamantas-Trypiti, is one of the main lines, running, every hour, from 07:00 to midnight.
Ten daily trips, however, are guaranteed by Adamas in Pollonia.
The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at the cost of 1.80€ per person, per single journey.

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