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Getting around Medjugorje by public transport, by car and on foot. Info

Getting around Medjugorje

The best way for getting around Medjugorje is on foot. The city is not a big city at all.
Alternatively, you can use the (few) taxis that go around the city.


The main places of interest are limited and not far from each other.
The Church of San Giacomo, in the center, is the ideal starting point for getting around the city. It is located a few minutes walk from the main station of public transport. Furthermore, near the church there is the main car park of the city.
Just 300 meters away, there is the Statue of the Risen Christ.

Getting around Medjugorje

Always on foot, from the Church, you can reach the Apparition Hill, the sacred place of the city, and the main point of interest.
It takes about 20 minutes on foot. The climb is quite tiring and is not the best for the elderly and children. The descent is equally so. You can, however, opt for parking nearby.
Among the various recommendations, comfortable shoes and water.


Buses are a solution to reach the city, rather than moving around Medjugorje.
The station is located in the Lisnjacine area, a few hundred meters from the Church of San Giacomo.
By bus you can reach, for example, Mostar, with line 48, operating from Monday to Saturday.
There are also connections to Split, Croatia.


By car you can easily reach Medjugorje, moving later on foot.
The largest parking area, completely in gravel, is located behind the Church. The number of parking spaces is really high, however, take into account the presence of the numerous tourist buses that park.
Arriving in the morning, you will have little difficulty parking.
Expect long lines at the exit.

One of the alternatives is the Podbrdo car park, mainly used by those who want to avoid the arduous climb to the Apparition Hill. It is free, with numerous parking spaces.

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