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Mostar. How to get there by car and bus from Sarajevo, Split, Dubrovnik


Where the myth of the Phoenix lives again.
A city with a troubled history that, just like the mythological bird, managed to be reborn from its ashes.
It is quite simple to be surprised when visiting Mostar for the first time.
The view of its splendid Ponte Vecchio, a true symbol of the city, and the splendid historic center, overshadow its more or less recent history.

Yet after the war in the former Yugoslavia, this was the most devastated city in Bosnia, repeatedly bombed and continually damaged.
The city after licking its wounds, has been able to recover. The historic center has been rebuilt, as has its splendid bridge, now a World Heritage Site.
The scars, and more or less recent history have not disappeared. Of course.

Today, a holiday in Mostar, however short it may be, can certainly give emotions. A relaxing but at the same time rather lively place; especially in the area around the historic center.




The small international airport is located a few kilometers away from the center. The limited number of direct flights, however, makes this solution inappropriate.
Airport info and direct links on our special page, from this link. Maybe you could find a good coincidence!


The airports of Sarajevo, Split and Dubrovnik, in our opinion, are the best starting points to reach Herzegovina.
Sarajevo offers regular connections to the Bosnian city, both by bus and train. Every hour or so, the bus leaves and takes you to your destination in less than 3 hours. The ticket costs 20KM per person. As soon as you land, you can withdraw local currency by card through the ATMs at the airport.

Dubrovnik is 130 kilometers away. The bus takes about 4 hours, with a price of 30KM per person.
Split is about 170km away, with travel times similar to Dubrovnik, and tickets at 125kn.

Keep in mind, however, that there are no direct connections from the airports and, in all vessels, you must first reach the city center and then continue to Mostar.


In Serbia and Herzegovina it is preferable to travel by car along the main roads, avoiding moving far from the main centers.
From Sarajevo, just 130 km away, it takes about two hours, via the E73 / M17. A fairly quiet and fast fast-paced road route.
From neighboring Croatia, it takes just over two hours from Split or Dubrovnik. In both cases, the journey is on two-lane roads.
Considering the distance, from the Croatian coastal areas you can face a car trip to the Serbian city without worries, even in a single day.
More distant, however, Zagreb, with a journey of about 5 and a half hours.

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