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Amiens Saturday Market, Place Parmentier. Best market in the city

Amiens Saturday Market

On Saturday, the Place Parmentier market is a fixed stop for the inhabitants of Amiens. If you find yourself on vacation in these parts, you absolutely must not miss this extraordinary appointment.

Right in the square, once a week, sedentary farmers, producers and traders from the Somme meet to sell the best local products, most of which come from the “Hortillonages”. These are the so-called “floating gardens”, whose origins date back to several centuries ago.

In these unusual gardens, the farmers grow the best seasonal products and vegetables, according to the techniques of the past.
Today the floating gardens can be visited by tourists, almost exclusively by boat, or through special tours. You can also take beautiful walks through circuits created “ad hoc”.

On Saturday, however, you can buy the delicious products that the earth is still able to offer today.

Amiens Saturday Market in Place Parmentier



The Amiens Saturday Market is located on Place Parmentier, in the center of the Saint-Leu district.
The observation point is also beautiful, with views of the Somme and Quai Bélu.

The market can be easily reached on foot from the historic center. Amiens Cathedral is just a 5-minute walk away. Less than 300 meters away, however, is the Ponte de la Dodane.


The market takes place every week, only on Saturday mornings, from around 06:30 to 13:00.


At the Amiens Saturday market you can find gourmet products and artisanal products. Great protagonists are above all the local products of the Hortillonages: cabbage, carrots, leeks, turnips and radishes, and seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and melons.

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