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Getting around Amiens by bike, bus. Tickets, timetables, parking

Getting around Amiens

With an almost exclusively pedestrianized historic center, the best way for getting around Amiens is on foot.
The main attractions and monuments of the city are located a few hundred meters away from each other


If you are on holiday by car, you will have to park in one of the numerous areas just outside the center or in the more expensive underground car parks.
During the weekend you may find it more difficult to park your car.
Thanks to the transport company Ametis you can take advantage of the convenient Parking Relais (P + R) service: you can park your car easily and reach the center by bus, with a single rate.


Getting around Amiens

Photo ©, John Williams

The bike is an excellent solution for getting around Amiens in a sustainable way.
After all, we are talking about one of the greenest cities in the whole country.
BusCyclette is the bike rental service managed by the transport company Ametis. You can use the bike for a whole day at a cost of €5. Tandem and Electric bikes are also available for the whole day (€11). The payment of a deposit starting from €150 is mandatory.


Ametis offers a regular public transport service that connects the center and the external areas in a capillary way.
The buses are modern and efficient and allow you to move around Amiens in all simplicity.

Nemo lines N1, N2, N3 and N4 (Ligne à haut niveau de service) are in operation every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 04:00 in the morning until midnight (Sunday first run at 06:00).
The frequencies vary from 10/12 minutes on weekdays, up to 30/60 minutes on Sundays.

The 15 Ligne de Proximité connect the most important districts, the center of Amiens and the Nemo lines. Alongside these there is an on-demand service (Resago).


To travel on city public transport, you can take advantage of a single ticket (ticket 1 Voyage) which at a cost of €1.50 allows you to travel on buses within 90′ of validation.
It is also available in the Carnet version of 10 tickets, at a cost of €13.
If you do not travel sporadically by public transport, you can buy the day ticket (ticket 24h). You can travel on all Ametis buses for 24 hours from the first validation.
It costs €4.60 in the single version and €6.90 in the convenient Petit Group version (from 2 to 5 people with a single ticket).


Please remember to purchase tickets before boarding the vehicle. Otherwise you can purchase the 1-hour or 24-hour ticket at a higher rate (+€0.20).
On Nemo lines it is not possible to purchase tickets from the driver.

Tickets can be purchased at points of sale and merchants displaying the brand, and at automatic machines at the main stops.

Alternatively, you can use a contactless credit card that ADAPTS TO YOUR CONSUMPTION: €1.50 for a 1-hour trip up to a maximum of €4.60 for 24 hours. Simply stamp your ticket on the specific bus machines every time you pass by. The system will automatically apply the most convenient fare.

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