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Amiens, the most beautiful destinations in France. Arriving by plane


A holiday in the footsteps of Jules Verne, in one of the most beautiful cities in France.
A small paradise in which to get lost among suggestive canals, fascinating architecture and its extraordinary green heritage.

Located almost halfway between Paris and the Belgian border, Amiens is located in the heart of Picardy in a truly unique context.

A city that boasts really important numbers: it is the only one in France to sing the presence of 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
It ranks fourth among the greenest cities in the country, and its immense gardens (Hortillonage) are considered to be among the most beautiful in all of Europe.
Its gothic cathedral is among the most beautiful in France.
Its Christmas markets, among the most fascinating and evocative in the country.

Art, nature, events and gastronomy. There are so many reasons why you should visit the French city at least once in your life.

Amiens France

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Beauvais-Tillé international airport is the reference point for those wishing to arrive in Amiens by plane.
The airport is located about 70 kilometers away and is well connected with direct flights to numerous European cities.
By car you can arrive in about 50 minutes via the A16.

Alternatively, by public transport, you can reach the center of Beauvais by shuttle, and from here, by bus 601, you arrive at your destination.
The shuttle takes 10 minutes at a cost of €4 per person. With the bus it takes 90′.


Gare d’Amiens is the railway station that serves the French city. Trains from Paris pass from here with a frequency of about one hour.
The journey from the capital takes just over an hour and tickets cost around €18 at a standard rate.
From Lille, by TER, it takes about 80 minutes.

The train station is located on Place Alphonse Fiquet, less than 10 minutes’ walk from the center and the main monuments.


The highway connects Amiens with the rest of the country in a widespread manner. The network and infrastructure are modern and efficient.
The A16 motorway connects the city to the south with Paris and to the north with Calais (both about 150 kilometers away). To the west, the A29 leads to Le Havre.Slovenia

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