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Manchester. Info and how to get there by train, bus, car. Connections


Manchester is a city of ancient origins, for a long time approached exclusively to the period of the Industrial Revolution, of which it was a great protagonist.
For too long, the English city has been labeled as a gloomy and sad place.

Nothing more false.

Today, it is a lively and welcoming place, with splendid architecture, a strong cultural identity, and a tolerant soul. A city where different souls, thoughts, tastes and cultures coexist.
A single weekend, to live intensely, will make you discover the historical center and its splendid Cathedral. Romantic places, strolling through its fascinating canals. The shopping, music and art districts.

A weekend to savor the gastronomic delicacies. Or to get in close contact with the rivalry between United and City; trophies, successes and failures that have indelibly marked the history of the two football clubs.
Because, for many, this is the home of football!




The international airport is located about 15 km south-west of the city. Very well connected, with direct flights to the main European destinations, it is the third busiest airport in the whole of the United Kingdom, after London’s “sacred monsters”.
It is clear, therefore, that the aircraft represents the best solution, coming from international destinations.
With public transport, taxis, or renting a car you can easily get to the center.

A good alternative could be to land at the Liverpool Airport. It is only 35 miles away, connected by Northern trains.


The train is a valid solution coming from England and Scotland.
Manchester is home to two major railway stations. Most of the Northern Victoria trains run between Victoria, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire.
Piccadilly, on the other hand, is the most important railway hub of the city. From here, trains run by major British railway companies such as Northern, Virgin, CrossCountry. Frequent connections to Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, London, York and the Scottish Glasgow.


To take a trip by car, you need to get familiar with the right-hand drive. Without this, you will have no trouble reaching Manchester. Maybe for a trip “out of town” from nearby Liverpool, from London or Edinburgh.
The city is crossed by numerous roads and motorways, from north to south. If you have to face an “on the road” trip, always prefer an electric car. Especially when renting!

Chorlton Street Coach Station is the main bus station, not far from downtown, near Chinatown.
Megabus, National Express and Englandbus offer numerous national and international connections. You will be able to travel on modern and comfortable vehicles, with Wi-Fi line and rather cheap prices.

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