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Manchester public transport tickets. Info, day weekly ticket, single, child

Manchester public transport tickets

TfGM is the consortium that unites the different Manchester companies under one name.
The Manchester area is divided into different tariff zones.
The Manchester public transport tickets vary according to the number of areas crossed, the age and number of travelers and even the time.
Buses are cheaper than trams but, on the other hand, more difficult to manage. Indeed, there are several companies operating in the city.
Furthermore, on some bus lines (1, 2, and 3), you travel completely free.

Notwithstanding the wide choice of city buses, in this section we deal exclusively with the Arriva buses, in service in the Greater Manchester area, and trams. These are the vehicles most used by visitors.
Here is some information about the tariff zones and Manchester public transport tickets.


Manchester Metrolink - Schemaplan

Photo ©, Maximilian Dörrbecker(Chumwa)

The diagram above shows the 4 different Metrolink tariff zones, and the related stops.
Generally, with a ticket or two-zone ticket, you can take a medium / distance journey. To move, instead, from the airport to the center, you will have to buy a ticket for 4 zones.
A single ride, per adult, costs £1.40 for 1 zone, £2.80 for 2 zones, £3.80 for 3 zones and £4.60 for 4 zones.
Children up to 15 years of age pay from a minimum of £0.7 (1 zone) to a maximum of £2.30.

If you intend to travel after 09:30 in the morning, or on the weekend, it is worth buying an OFF-PEAK day pass. Allows unlimited rides, for the whole validation day, after 09:30 on weekdays. On the weekend, however, you can make unlimited rides for one day between Saturday or Sunday. It costs £1.90 for one zone and £4.90 for the all-zone version, per adult.

On the other hand, those wishing to travel without time limits can choose between the classic 1 or 7 day pass.
The 1-day adult pass costs £2.70, £4.30, £6.10 and £7.10, depending on the number of zones.
The 7-day pass costs from a minimum of £10.60 (1 zone) to a maximum of £31.00 (4 zones).

If you are traveling as a family, buy the FAMILY TICKET. It really is among the most affordable Manchester public transport tickets. It can be used simultaneously by 2 adults and up to 3 children under the age of 16.
It is available in only two types, and can be used, unlimitedly, for all 4 areas of Manchester.
The Family 1day OFF-PEAK costs £7.30 total. It allows you to make unlimited trips in all 4 areas, from 09.30 on weekdays, or for a day to choose between Saturday, Sunday or holiday.
The Family Weekend Travelcard, really convenient, allows you to make unlimited runs for the whole family, from 18:00 on Friday, until the last tram ride on Sunday. It costs £9.50.


The ARRIVA public transport company allows you to travel in the Greater Manchester area at relatively low prices.
The day ticket, per adult, costs £4.80 in the single version, and £8.50 in the version for 2 adults (ADULT DUO). Reduced for children, £2.30. The Family Day Pass costs £9.00.

Multi-day passes are also available. The 3 day pass, per adult, costs £13.00. The pass valid for a whole week, costs £17.50 per adult and £8.50 per child.

Manchester public transport tickets

Photo ©, Rept0n1x


To travel by tram, you can buy travel tickets at the numerous automatic machines in the various stations. You can also easily pay with CREDIT CARD in the “contactless” mode by simply placing it on the reader, before starting the journey. Alternatively, there is the GET ME THERE option, an app developed for iOS and Android with which to conveniently pay for tram tickets.

On the buses, on the other hand, you can buy Manchester public transport tickets directly from the drivers.

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