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Getting around Lubeck by bus, bike, on foot. Timetable, bus tickets

Getting around Lubeck

The splendid Hanseatic town has a rather small and concentrated center. For this very reason, the best way for getting around Lubeck is on foot. Alternatively, the use of a bicycle is recommended. Here, the two-wheeled vehicle is quite widespread.

Here, as in much of Germany, the focus is on the ecological aspect. There are many cycle paths. In addition, it is quite easy to rent a two-wheeler in the city. The agencies are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30, and Sunday until 12:00.

Mietrad Mielke, on the Hüxterdamm, offers good value for money solutions, with prices starting from 10€ per day. Alternatively, at Geniner Str. 2, there is Leihrad Lübeck Gbr (closed on Sundays).

Getting around Lubeck


The lines available are not many. Also, the tickets are quite expensive, compared to the rest of Germany. The road line is operated by Lübeck Travemünder Verkehrsgesellschaft – Stadtvekehr Lübeck. The service is generally active every day from 05:30 in the morning until 22:00.

Some main lines, such as Line 1, operate until around midnight, Monday to Sunday. There is no night service. On weekends, it should be noted that the racing frequencies are quite high. For all the info, lines and timetables, the official website is available through this link.

Public transport is the best solution to reach the areas furthest from the center and the neighboring towns, integrated into the fare system.


In our opinion, the taxi is really an excellent solution, if not even better than the bus. Especially if you were two or more people. It should also be borne in mind that since there is no public night service, the taxi is the only solution to move around Lübeck after midnight. Taxi drivers have a good reputation, however, we always recommend that you check the fare before using this vehicle.


Lübeck is part of the integrated tariff system of the Schleswig-Holstein and Greater Hamburg area (Ring A + B). Tickets differ according to the tariff zone. For getting around Lubeck city center, and the outskirts, you only need a ticket for one area.

The ticket for a bus journey costs €1.90 for adults and children over the age of 14. Reduced for children aged 6 to 14, costs €1.15. A ticket for 4 multiple journeys is also available at a cost of €1.68 each.

The day ticket costs €5.40. It allows you to make unlimited journeys on buses throughout the day.

Tickets for travel on public transport can be purchased at all points of sale and agencies that carry the company’s brand.

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