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Lubeck Airport. How to get there, direct connections. Bus, taxi

Lubeck Airport

Lubeck Airport is a small German international airport located just under 10 kilometers from the German city.
It is also known as Hamburg-Lübeck Airport, due to its proximity to Hamburg 8 (about 55 kilometers).

The airport boasts a centuries-old history and great strategic-military importance. During the Second World War, it was used as a base for carrying out attacks against the British. Later, it was used as a base of operations and training.

Despite being a secondary airport, it is in effect a gateway from the Baltic Sea to southern Germany and the rest of Europe. After experiencing ups and downs, Lübeck airport is back in operation after 2019 with direct connections to some European destinations.
Its modern terminal houses a bistro, a shopping store, a travel agency, some rental agencies and a restaurant with a panoramic terrace.

Lubeck Airport

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Here are the direct connections with Lübeck Airport:

AUSTRIA: Salzburg.
FRANCE: Bastia,
GERMANY: Munich, Stuttgart
GREECE: Corfu, Heraklion.
ICELAND: Reykjavik–Keflavík.
NORWAY: Bergen.
ITALY: Olbia.
SPAIN: biza, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca.
SWEDEN: Sälen-Trysil, Visby.
TURKEY: Antalya.


The most convenient way to get to the center of Lübeck is by taxi. You will find the parking area just outside the terminal. The vehicles are modern and efficient and the service is guaranteed by various private agencies. Logo and taximeter are always clearly visible.
Generally a ride costs just over €20, of which €4.10 as a basic fare for moving to / from the airport. For each kilometer, in general, the fare is around €2.20-2.50.


Line 6 connects Lubeck airport with the center and the train station every day from Monday to Sunday. The bus leaves every 30 minutes from early morning until late evening.
The ticket for a single journey costs €2.70 (standard) and €1.60 (reduced). Alternatively, you can opt for the day ticket (tageskarten) at a cost of €8.10.


The regional railway line has been operating since 2008, connecting Lubeck airport with Büchen, Kiel and Lüneburg. From Büchen (located about 30 minutes) you can then reach Hamburg.
The Lübeck-Flughafen railway station is located a short distance from the airport.

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