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Transfagarasan, the DN7C road, the most beautiful European road


Magic. Charm. Mystery.
This, and more, Transylvania evokes in the collective imagination.
An absolutely wonderful land, perfect to be visited … on the Road.

Starting from the beautiful Sibiu, towards Bucharest, or vice versa, one of the most incredible routes is, without a doubt, the crossing of the DN7C, better known as Transfagarasan. A fantastic national road, universally recognized as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

About 90 km, through paths that cross the Carpathians, reaching, in some stretches, over the 2000m of height. From Piteşti to Cârţişoara, crossing the villages of Bascov, Merişani, Băiculeşti, Valea Iaşului, Albeştii de Argeş, Corbeni, Arefu.

A journey, an adventure, an experience… among tortuous paths, at a speed of 45 km/h.
Just like that.
Because, given its conformation, on this road the 45 km/h can not be exceeded.
A road off limits in winter, and even at night.

A route that you can travel by bike, motorbike and, of course, by car, through an exciting landscape, with extraordinary views and vantage points. In addition to the villages, there are numerous points of interest along the way; some are reachable through special paths. There are even monuments heritage of humanity.
And, of course, inns and guest houses, ideal for a break.




Coming from Bucharest, cross the E81 to Piteşti. When you reach the nearby Bascov, take the Transfagarasan.
Coming from Sibiu, to the north, follow the signs for Brasov, and cross the DN1 National road. You can take the DN7C in the direction of Cartisoara, the first village along the way.


The Transfagarasan, as mentioned, develops over a distance of over 90 kilometers, including villages, paths, beautiful and enchanting landscapes and truly unique places.

Coming from Bascov, in the first important village (Curtea de Arges) meets the splendid Monastery Byzantine XVI century, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

At about 25 km away, the Fortress of Poenari It is one of the places not to be missed, considered by many to be the real Castle of Dracula.
Leave the car, to get to the top you have to climb almost 1500. Fatigue, however, is rewarded by the magic of the place and by an absolutely magnificent view of the Carpathians. More info from here.

Just a couple of kilometers along the Transfagarasan, to reach another interesting POI: the impressive Dam Barajul Vidraru. A stop for the ritual photo and to enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscape.

For a stop, Cabana Zimbru it is ideal, positioned almost at the center of the journey.

Sfântul Prooroc Ilie it is a splendid monastery a few kilometers from the renowned Cascada Bâlea. Of both, a visit is advisable. La Cascada is, of course, one of the most touristic places along the Transfagarasan.
Between the peaks of the Negoiu and Moldoveanu mountains, you will have to cross a fantastic path for over 40 minutes, through enchanting landscapes, until you reach the beautiful waterfall. A real show.


The DN7C can only be crossed in the summer. In fact, from October to April, the road is closed.
No transit even after the 22:00, due to the low level of danger and the winding road.



Along the way, you will find several facilities to sleep in.
In the villages, you will find the largest number of rooms.
Valea Argesului, in Albesti Ungureni, is a B & B with good value for money.
It offers apartments complete with parking.

Located in Arefu, 200 meters from the Vidraru dam of the Arges river, Hotel Posada Vidraru represents one of our favorite facilities. It offers a restaurant serving Romanian and international cuisine and free services such as a fitness center, a hot tub and a sauna.
The rooms at Hotel Posada Vidraru feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some rooms have a balcony with mountain views. Free Wi-Fi connection.
Info and reservations from this link.

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