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Sphinx Babel and the mysteries of Bucegi mountains. How to arrive

Sphinx Babel

The Bucegi Mountains dominate the spectacular and evocative stretch of the Prahova valley, absolutely one of the most beautiful of the Carpathians. However, if someone tried to spell the term Bucegi on a search engine, the result would be something like this:

  • The sphinx and the mystery of humanity (alien?);
  • Romania, the enigma of an incredible structure in the Bucegi Mountains;
  • Tunnels and alien bases in the Bucegi Mountains;
  • Alien bases inside the Bucegi Mountains…

The curve of the Carpați Mountains that takes the name Bucegi, has been enveloped for centuries by an aura of esotericism, increased by the presence of some singular attractions of geological origin, such as the Sphinx Babel, nicknamed “The Elderly“.

Sphinx Babel

We certainly do not want, here, to deepen mystical-esoteric arguments that are beyond our interests; nor, even less, do we want to review the various episodes that have occurred over the years, with more or less plausible testimonies (sifting through, we read about a farmer who found the remains of giant bones under an apple orchard or, again, strange seismic phenomena).

Why talk about it, then? Simply because it is a truly evocative and extremely beautiful place to see. To this, add the presence of a rocky structure sculpted by the wind, at 2200 meters above sea level, the Sphinx, in fact. Breathtaking view and panorama. There is also a refreshment point where you can possibly stop.

Whether you are going to Brasov, Bucharest or Sinaia, consider the possibility of a visit to the area: you will not be disappointed at all by the Sphinx Babel.


To reach the top, you need to use the cable car from Busteni , a small village located about 10 km north of Sinaia and less than 40 km south of Brasov. From Bulevardul Libertati (Strada E60), coming from Sinaia, after passing the beautiful Caraiman Monastery , turn left onto Strada Telecabinei.
(PARK) where to leave the car.

The cable car operates every day from 08:30 to 16:00. On Tuesdays, it opens from 12:00. The frequency is 15 minutes. The Telecabinei consists of 2 cabins, each with a maximum capacity of 25 passengers, for a distance of 4350 meters!

The ticket from Busteni to Babel for one ascent or descent costs 90LEI for adults and 45LEI for children. The round trip by cable car costs 170LEI for adults and 80LEI for children.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the entrance to the cable car. At this link more information.

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