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Efteling, the largest amusement park in the Netherlands. Tickets


The largest amusement park in the Netherlands, as well as one of the oldest in Europe, Efteling is a place where you will literally be catapulted into the world of fairy tales.
And not only for the presence of the Enchanted Forest, the first attraction to see the light in the park

Efteling is pure magic. A place where design, architecture and nature travel on the same track. A place created to enchant the little ones and which will certainly thrill the older ones.

A relaxing, typically Dutch atmosphere, where everything works perfectly. Even standing in line does not require any particular mental effort because unlike many other parks, the wait at the most popular attractions will never be too long.

Efteling amusement park Netherlands

We visited Efteling and were thrilled with it. One of the most beautiful theme parks in Europe.


The Dutch Park is open all year round, unless otherwise specified, with opening times that differ depending on the period and seasonality.
In winter, it generally opens from 10am to 4pm. In summer the Park closes at 6pm except on weekends and during the summer months when it closes at 7pm.


The ticket to enter Efteling costs €48 per person. There are no reductions.
Children up to 3 years old enter free.
You can purchase tickets through this link.

By purchasing Hotel+Ticket packages on the official website (as in our case), you can take advantage of excellent discounts.

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