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Eat in Efteling. Restaurants and brasseries. What & where to eat

Eat in Efteling

Prices to eat in Efteling are quite in line with the main theme parks, although cheaper than Disneyland.
Inside the Park you will be spoiled for choice.

You can opt for savory pankakes or pizzas (obviously nothing to do with the Neapolitan one). Naturally, there is no shortage of street food, ice cream, fruit and desserts.

During our holiday in Efteling we decided to eat at Het Wapen van Raveleijn.
You will have the opportunity to witness the beautiful show of the knights (Reveleijn) and then you can eat in the tavern, together with some of the admired characters.

Eating in Het Wapen van Raveleijn

Food and entertainment with ladies and knights. We didn’t understand anything because they spoke in Dutch but our children had fun practicing on the parterre with swords and shields.
At the end, there will be a small medal as a souvenir for the young knights!

The whole context is beautiful even if the prices (€58 for adults and €30 for children) are not exactly cheap. It is still a nice experience, even if you dine shortly after 5pm: a time we are not used to!


Through the official app you can book your dinner and have it delivered directly to your room.
The procedure is really simple and intuitive: you will have to choose the products you like from the menu, indicating your room and the delivery time. You will receive confirmation as soon as payment is made (by credit card). At the appointed time they will knock to bring dinner to your room.


If you intend to save, all you have to do is prepare some healthy snacks to put in your backpack. No problem bringing food and drinks into the park.
Bottled water, like everywhere else, costs a lot. Keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to fill your bottles for FREE at some fountains in the Park. One of these is located in the “Fata Morgana” attraction area.

If you sleep in Efteling and have a car, you can buy something from the nearby Lidl, Aldi, Jumbo.

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