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Efteling, the largest amusement park in the Netherlands. Tickets


As it was conceived, Efteling is a truly one-of-a-kind park. Don’t expect impressive attractions (especially from the point of view of quantity). Adrenaline-filled rides (there are some though).
What you immediately love is that sense of tranquility and harmony that reigns in every corner of the park. Everything flows slowly and peacefully. Even the queues at Efteling attractions are far from those at Disneyland or Europa-Park (just to name a few). Here waiting times for the most popular attractions are between 30/45 minutes. At PortAventura in some cases I remember queues lasting more than two hours.

Everything is organized to perfection, so much so that there are no Fast Passes for the queues (a real rarity).


Here are the best attractions in Efteling not to be missed.


Hansel and Gretel Enchanted Forest Efteling

Although it is aimed primarily at children, the Enchanted Forest will also make adults happy. Talking trees. Castles. Swans. Sirens. Giants. Flying carpets…. In this place magic meets reality.
Truly wonderful reproductions, immersed in lush vegetation. Nothing is left to chance. Not even the smallest detail.
So, when you see the Gingerbread House, you expect Hansel and Gretel to appear in the flesh at any moment.
From the Tower in which Rapunzel is locked up, it seems that a royal braid is emerging, while the witch tries to climb up with no small difficulty.
The Talking Tree is also beautiful (too bad it speaks Dutch!).
The reproductions of the Princesses’ castles are also beautiful. Geppetto’s house.
We really don’t want to reveal everything and we’ll still leave something to your imagination.
Maybe remembering to reread all these extraordinary fairy tales to your little ones!


Flying Dutchman Efteling

Probably the two most popular Efteling attractions among teenagers.
Baron 1898 is undoubtedly the most adrenaline-filled attraction. A rollercoaster only for the bravest, which makes a fall at 90 km/h from 37.5 meters high. Not accessible to children under 132cm tall.
The Flying Dutchman is an incredible rollercoaster that ends in the water. Very beautiful.


The place where… dreams can come true. An attraction that will make your little girls happy. Beautiful settings, including elves, fairies and trolls.
Completely indoor attraction, for all ages.


Carnival Festival Efteling

Let yourself be transported to every corner of the world by the mythical characters of Efteling. Rest assured that after visiting Carnival Festival you will continue to whistle the tune for a long time.
Italy. France. Spain. Germany. Mexico. China. Japan… Beautiful reproductions of attractions with happy and smiling characters.


The rollercoaster for the whole family. Your kids will love it. It was also the attraction we did most often.
Among other things, during the queue to enter, the children had fun with the cushions that made musical notes!


20 minutes of total relaxation by being dragged aboard these boats that cross the placid waters of the artificial lake.
The place is particularly loved by entire families of ducks or swans who will accompany you along the entire journey.


Unless you are particularly familiar with Dutch, we especially recommend Reveleijn. In this extraordinary adventure you will literally be projected back in time among princesses, knights, fire-breathing dragons…
Despite the dialogues in Dutch you will have no difficulty following the show…
Generally two shows are scheduled. After the afternoon show (reservation required) you can continue the magic with a Burgundian dinner in the tavern with some of the protagonists.

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