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Vallon des Auffes. The charming and colorful fishing port in Marseille

Vallon des Auffes

Marseille is a really lively, beautiful and colorful city. Each place knows how to best express its soul and, above all, its seafaring vocation.

In search of the perfect postcard place, be sure to visit the splendid Vallon des Auffes, a small and traditional fishing port village, built under a viaduct in the 19th century.

It is located along the splendid Kennedy Corniche, the splendid promenade named after the American president, which rises beyond the Old Port and the center of Marseille.

At Vallon des Auffes, you will be able to admire the small fishermen’s houses in pastel colors, the boats beautifully lined up, all colored … and the water of a thousand shades as a frame.

A truly fascinating and evocative place. Without doubt among the most picturesque in the city. The thousand colors of Marseille… all the colors of the world.

Marseille Vallon des Auffes



The seaside village is located in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, between the plage des Catalans and the bay of Malmousque.

Although it can be reached by car, it is preferable to use public transport: efficient, fairly punctual and, above all, more environmentally friendly. And, in modern times, that’s a point not to be underestimated.
Buses 83 and 583, which cross the panoramic road, allow you to easily reach your destination.
Buses run from 06:00 in the morning until 21:00. Sundays from around 07:00.
You can use all common RTM bus travel tickets, passes and season tickets.


The perfect place for a half day of relaxation. You can stop and eat in one of the traditional restaurants, savoring the excellent bouillabaisse (the traditional fish soup).
In these parts, Epuisette is quite renowned for the extraordinary quality and freshness of its products. Obviously the prices are in line with the proposals.

Port de l’Orient is a monument to commemorate the fallen of the Eastern army. It offers a splendid view over the city.

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