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Marseille. How to get there by ship, train and car. Links Provence


The meeting point of the whole world!

The quote, by Dumas, gives a good idea and the strength of this wonderful Provencal city, for many, the capital of the South of France. A city of persistent charm, with its alleys and streets that offer suggestive views; the houses that light up at sunset; the port, chaotic, colorful, lively and the scent of the sea that invades the whole city.

And a lot, a lot of art and culture, of which this city is pervaded: the marvelous Notre Dame de la Garde with its breathtaking panorama; the Palais du Pharo with its wonderful view of the Vieux Port; Chateau d’If and the myth of the Count of Monte Cristo.

The ideal place to start discovering its wonderful surrounding nature, with the spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea, which dominate the stretch up to Cassis.

Marseille France



Marseille-Provence is the airport located near the city of Marseille, in the Bouches-du-Rhône department, as well as the fifth largest airport in France for passenger traffic. It is located in Marignane, north of Marseille, which is about 25 kilometers away. From Marseille, throughout the year, numerous flights depart daily for the main European destinations.

From the airport terminal, Hall1 area, with the free shuttle, in just 5 minutes, you can reach the Vitrolles train station. From here, take the train to the center of Marseille. The journey takes just over 15 minutes, depending on your stop; the cost is  5.20 for a single journey. Tickets can be purchased from automatic machines. SCNF manages the service.


The Central Station of Saint Charles is well connected by SCNF trains with the rest of the country and with the main cities across the Alps. The greatest increase has been recorded since 2001 with the introduction of numerous high-speed TGV lines. Today, Marseille Saint Charles is an important railway hub. In addition to the TGVs, important lines with long-range connections pass here.

The Thalys, in summer, connects Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence. The Eurostar connects the city with London. From Italy, you can arrive from Milan in about 7 hours thanks to the Thello Eurocity trains, passing through the main sites of the Cote d’Azur.


The car and the motorbike are the best means to visit the beautiful city. In particular, if your itinerary winds through other neighboring places. In Provence, you will be spoiled for choice.

From Spain, starting from Barcelona, ​​you travel 500 kilometers to get to your destination. Cross the border at Le Perthus, and pass through Montpellier, Nimes and Arles. From Lyon, it is just over 300 kilometers while the Swiss Geneva is about 450 kilometers by car. From Italy, Marseille can be reached via the combined route A6-A10-E80. The French motorway is among the most expensive in Europe: for the approximately 250 km traveled from the border, you will pay a toll of almost €30. Also beware of the numerous speed cameras.

The car, as we know, is an extremely polluting vehicle. Unless you are traveling aboard an ecological electric car. Otherwise it is better to always prefer the train, due to the low environmental impact.


Port of Marseille

Every day, there are over 15 crossings, with connections to Corsica, Algeria, Italy and Tunisia. From Marseille, ships leave for Ajaccio, Bastia, Ile Rousse, Porto Vecchio and Propriano, on the splendid Corsican island. Bejaia, Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Skikda, in Algeria). The Italian Porto Torres, in Sardinia. And finally Tunis, in Tunisia.

The connections are guaranteed by various shipping companies: Corsica Lines; Corsica Ferries; Sardinia Ferries; La Méridionale and many others.

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