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Beaches in Marseille. Prado Seaside Park, Catalans. How to get there bus

Beaches in Marseille

The Frioul Islands offer spectacular coves and an absolutely pristine sea, far from the idea you might have of Provence. The beaches of the Calanchi are incredibly fascinating and suggestive.
Yet, without straying too far from the center, you can find a … Marseille that you don’t expect.



It is a set of beaches that climb along the 3 kilometers of coastline overlooked by the beautiful Parc Borely, one of the most loved places by Marseilles and families.
Its importance has gradually grown over the years. Today it is very popular for sports, surfing and windsurfing. Perfect for spending a relaxing day.

Marseille bathing Park of Prado

Photo ©, Hilader

Each beach of the Prado Seaside Park has its own perfect identity and some peculiarities. You can choose between 6 main beaches. Here is the order, coming from Vieux Port:

  • Prado Nord. With the subsequent Prado Sud, it is the best organized. You can find practically everything, including bars, eateries, cabins, showers, play areas for children.
  • Prado Sud. There are Prado Nord services.
  • Plage de l’Huveaune. Sandy beach ideal for surfing and windsurfing.
  • Plage de Borely. Small pebble beach, in front of the racecourse and the Ferris wheel.
  • Plage de Bonneveine. Small and quiet strip of sand well protected from visitors and ideal for families. Between this and the next, you will also find a skate park.
  • Plage der la Vieille Chapelle. Beautiful, breezy. It is also the least crowded.

Some beaches are perfectly accessible. Furthermore, the wifi line is available throughout the area.
It can be reached by bus 83, 583, S7


A small and spectacular cove with stones and rocks. The small cove is easily reached via a staircase. Super small size: you have to arrive early in the morning otherwise you will hardly be able to place your towel.
You can get there in about 20 minutes from Vieux Port with bus 83 towards Corniche.


A sandy and pebble beach quite far from the center, in the 16th arrondissement. A place particularly suitable for families and children, in an excellent position, dominated by the historic Corbiere Viaduct. In the area, a small public garden and ample parking.
In our opinion one of the best beaches in Marseille.
You arrive by bus 35.


Plage des Catalans Best Beaches in Marseille

Photo ©, Patrick Nouhailler

The quintessential Marseille beach right in the city center. It is, of course, super crowded and, being close to the center and the Port, not particularly beautiful.
You arrive on foot.

Of course, if you love beaches and nature, you can’t miss visiting the Calanques. Entertainment for all.

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