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Cite Radieuse. Timetables, what to do, see in the garden city of Marseille

Cite Radieuse

Conceived in the distant post-war period, the Unité d’abitation, also known as the Cite Radieuse, is an extraordinary building designed by “Le Corbusier“. One of those places that you shouldn’t miss on holiday in Marseille.

A sort of citadel on the outskirts of Marseille, with a museum, panoramic terrace, a school, a swimming pool, and even shops. And, of course, private homes. Because the basic idea was to build a sort of vertical “garden city” to accommodate numerous families.

All this, according to a truly innovative concept that combines art, functionality, architecture and aesthetics.

Marseille Cite Radieuse

What is immediately striking is the aesthetic aspect with the different shades of colors that intertwine with the concrete of the building: yellow, green, orange, light blue.
But it is above all by visiting the interior of the complex that the genius of the project is best appreciated.

Today, the Cite Radieuse of Marseille has been awarded the recognition of a National Monument. Since 2016, together with the other 16 architectural works by Le Corbusier, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List!



The Cite Radieuse is located in the 18th arrondissement of Marseille, at 280 Michelet Boulevard.
Right in front of the building is the M08 bus stop. A little further on, lines 22, 22S, 521 and B1 stop.
About a 15-minute walk from the Metro M2 “Sainte-Marguerite” stops
Dromel ”and“ Rond Point du Prado ”. The latter is also the stop of the Orange Velodrome Stadium.


This Unité d’Habitation must be admired from the outside but, above all, from the inside, because there are some areas of the complex that can be visited, such as the distributed common areas
On the 3rd and 4th floors there is “la Rue”, a long corridor with shops and merchants. The stairs connect the two floors between splendid plays of natural and artificial light. In these spaces, festivals and cultural events generally take place.

Apartment number 50 is open to the public and can be visited (upon reservation required at In addition to the perfect state of conservation, the owners carry out periodic redevelopment interventions thanks to the intervention of numerous contemporary designers.

Panoramic Terrace Cité Radieuse

Beyond the 9 floors, there is the splendid Panoramic Terrace, one of the must-see places of the Cite Radieuse. A contemporary art gallery (the MAMO), a hotel and the restaurant “Le Ventre de l’Architecte” await you. And, of course, a suggestive view of Marseille from the top of the approximately 60 meters of the building!

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