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Getting around Avila by public transport, car, on foot. Bus tickets

Getting around Avila

You can walk around the historic center and inside the walls. Arriving in the city by car, you can use one of the many parking spaces available, and visit the city on foot.
The buses are particularly reliable and efficient. They cross the outer perimeter of the walls, allowing you for getting around Avila, through the center and the suburbs.


We respect the environment and always move “green”. If you really can’t give up on the car, opt for the ecological electric one. Maybe even for hire.
Chargemap is a fantastic community that allows you to locate charging points in major cities on a map, including Avila in Spain. Currently, there are at least 6 near the center. A really useful app.
In the city, moreover, there are really many parking spaces available.

Getting around Avila


City public transport is based on the principles of safety, comfort and ecological efficiency. All of this makes buses an excellent way to get around Avila.
All buses exceed the EURO-4 standard thanks to their low emission of polluting gases. The vehicles also have a low floor in order to allow access for people with walking difficulties.

The Spanish company Avanza guarantees public service every day, from Monday to Sunday, through 9 bus lines that connect the center and the suburbs. Some of these cross the entire perimeter of the ancient walls.
Buses run from around 07:30 until 22:30 in the evening. The frequencies are around 20/25 minutes during weekdays.


Avila is almost always a day trip and, in all likelihood, you will find yourself using public transport at most once or twice. For this reason the Ordinary Billete will suffice. It costs 1€ and allows you to take a bus ride. You can buy the ticket directly on board the vehicle.

If you intend to use the means for 4 or more times, then the Bono Ordinario is worthwhile. It is a rechargeable card that allows you to travel at a special price: €0.55 per adult and only 0.10€ from 5 to 26 years old. The Card can be purchased in all Avila points of sale that display the “Avanza” brand and costs €2.


Ecological, efficient and perfectly accessible for people with reduced mobility.
The buses are equipped with a system that allows the vehicle to lower itself to the height of the curbs. The vehicles have automatic and manual access ramps. Each bus has a wheelchair space.

People with reduced mobility traveling in wheelchairs will ALWAYS have priority access to the bus over strollers. Even if the latter are already present on the vehicle.
People with reduced mobility enter through the central door, making sure, however, to notify the driver in advance, approaching the head of the bus. For safety reasons, the seats must be positioned with the backrest facing forward, with the brakes on and the seat belt fastened.

*all information contained herein, including timetables and prices, is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered official. All names and trademarks herein belong to their respective owners.

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