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Avila, get in from Madrid, Salamanca and Valladolid by bus train car


A great little jewel of Castile, a world heritage site.

The marvelous walls that surround the historic center, dating back to the twelfth century. The beautiful Cathedral of Salvador. Convent, churches and suggestive historical and religious monuments, including the Calvario de Los Cuatro Postes …

Perched on a plateau, over 1000 meters high, Avila is a place to be discovered, ideal for a day trip, or for a short vacation. From Salamanca, or Madrid, from which it is almost perfectly in the center.

A city of a thousand colors that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment and landscape. Here, time seems to have stopped. Every corner is perfect to be contemplated. The view, at first glance, is truly spectacular. It only takes a few minutes to get excited. A couple of hours to carve it in your mind.


The city is located almost halfway between Salamanca and Madrid, approximately 100 kilometers away from both. The train is absolutely preferable to the car due to its low environmental impact. The alternative could be the electric car, so dear to the environment.



The city has no airport. Valladolid (to the north) and Madrid are the reference points for those who opt for the plane. The two airports are just over 100 kilometers from the Castilian city. Once landed, you can get to Avila by train, bus or car (preferably electric !!)


Arriving by train is an excellent solution.
The train station is located at P.º de la Estación, 33, just over 10 minutes’ walk away.
RENFE manages railway connections with the whole country. With the MD trains (medium distance) you can get there from the main destinations of Castile and León.
From Salamanca you can arrive in just over an hour, while, from the capital, it takes about 90 minutes. From Valladolid, to the north, the train takes approximately 80 minutes. Tickets cost €12.70 in all cases.
The slower regional trains allow you to save over 20% on the fare. The ticket from Madrid, for example, costs €9.80 per person.


The main station is located in the central Avenida de Juan Carlos. Numerous bus lines make daily connections with the main Iberian destinations.


Many prefer to arrive by car for a fleeting visit of the city. Often combined, for example, with a visit to nearby Segovia, a 50-minute drive from here.
From the capital, on the other hand, you travel for a large part of the highway, in a quick and decidedly comfortable journey.
The car remains too polluting a vehicle and, for this reason, always try to opt for the train. Alternatively, if you have to rent a car, try looking for an electric vehicle: the small extra expense also translates into lower consumption. And, above all, it is a gesture that is good for the environment!

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