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Getting around Zadar by public transport. Info, timetable, prices tickets

Getting around Zadar

The city center is circumscribed and rather small. So, the best way for getting around Zadar is without a doubt on foot. Buses, in general, are the best solution for getting around the less central areas.

The public service is offered by the Croatian company Liburnija Zadar, which manages the public transport system, through 12 lines and a total of 22 buses that cover all Zadar in an almost capillary manner. Generally, buses are active every day from 05: 00 in the morning until midnight, with extended hours in summer until one o’clock in the morning. The frequency of the races is about 20 minutes, except for the line that crosses the center (Peninsula), reduced to 15 minutes.

The single-fare ticket costs 10kn, and can be used within 50 minutes of first use, even on different lines, provided they travel in the same direction.

Alternatively, tickets for two rides (16,00kn) and carnet from 10 or more are available. Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus, before boarding, or in the appropriate kiosks. They are an excellent solution for getting around Zadar.
For more info, you can consult the official website of the company.

Getting around Zadar


Buses leave from the Arrivals Terminal, about an hour after the Croatia Airlines flight has landed. The single-fare ticket costs 25,00kn and includes baggage transport. The first ride leaves from the airport (platform 8), from Monday to Saturday at 05:35. The stop is located near the exit of the main building of the airport.

From the city center, Bus Terminal, (Liburnska obala), first ride, Monday to Saturday, at 05:30.

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