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Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia. Practical infos and guide about the place

Sea Organ

Zadar is an authentic pearl of the Dalmatian coast. City that is divided between beautiful beaches and incredible testimonies of the past. A story that lives perfectly, in its historical center, between Roman and Venetian testimonies.

Recently, the New York Times has included it among the 52 places to see in the 2019.Among the main reasons, the presence of a rather singular organ, played … by the waves of the sea.

Located in the north-western part of the city, where there is the quay of the port of Zadar, this incredible marine organ was inaugurated in the 2005. It represents the most incredible combination of art and high engineering.
It is in fact the sea, with its incessant motion, to create a perpetual symphony that is transmitted in the air.

Really unique and quite incredible.
A large staircase that slopes down to the sea, with 35 organ pipes, arranged with different inclination, shape and length, in the seven sections.
A real musical show of which the sea is the true conductor.

Zadar Sea Organ

Photo ©, Böhringer Friedrich



The incredible marine organ is located northwest of the old town, in Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV.
The area can only be reached on foot, after a wonderful walk in the Old Town.


It is a permanent structure, always open to the public 24 hours on 24, totally free.
It is presented, as mentioned, as a sort of staircase that descends to sea level.

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