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November. Wher and when to go in vacations. Best places, destinations


November, the perfect month to go. Whether you want to do it for a few days, or for a long vacation. Few, perhaps, know that this is precisely the ideal time to save; the month in which it is possible to book hotels and flights at the lowest prices!

November is also the month summer is almost upon us, and we are preparing for Christmas. Here are the recommended destinations for those wishing to leave in November.


November in Europe

The Old Continent is always a favorite destination. All the year. Want to be on the safe side? Then choose London. The English metropolis is one of those cities that never fades. In this period, from 11 to 20, you could discover the most evocative side with the London Jazz Festival; one of the unmissable events for lovers of the genre. It is always with regards to incredible events, in Lewes, not far from Brighton, that the Bonfire night is celebrated; an absolutely unique appointment.

Still on the subject of great capitals, one cannot avoid talking about Paris. The days get shorter and the sun gives way to the lights of the Ville Lumiére first. Show even more suggestive, because we prepare ourselves for Christmas. Christmas and the markets, absolute protagonists of the last part of the month. Nuremberg, Innsbruck, Vienna, Warsaw are ideal destinations to begin to breathe the magical Christmas atmosphere, with temperatures still not prohibitive.

For those suffering from the cold, Southern Europe is ideal. Thessaloniki, Athens and the Greek islands, far from the summer chaos, show the most authentic and genuine side. Or the Balearics. You will be able to discover unimaginable paradises, for a vacation between art and culture.

November is also the month that can give satisfaction to ski lovers. It is above all in Austria and Switzerland that the plants that lend themselves most to skiing are to be found. Diavolezza, Saas Fee, Zermat or Hinterteux are just some of the list.


In November it is undoubtedly an excellent destination, despite the recent vicissitudes. Until late February, the climate is cool, dry and with a rather low humidity level; really ideal to start discovering its incredible wonders. Furthermore, this is the month of the Festival of Lights and the Lantern Festival. These are two incredible ceremonies, of global appeal and really suggestive.

Leave, then, to discover the wonderful golden temples, the What Po and the Wat Arun. Forward to Chiang Mai or the extraordinary Sukhotai historical park. Magical and truly unique places.


Let yourself be enchanted by Mauritius, off the coast of Madagascar. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful coral reef, admire the beautiful landscapes, the beautiful beaches … and discover the delicacies of the local cuisine.

And always diving enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the great offers for Egypt. Until this month, temperatures are still ideal for discovering the beauties that are hidden in the depths of the Red Sea.


November in America

Welcome to Faboulose Las Vegas, or one of those places to visit at least once in your life. A place where luxury and kitsch blend perfectly. You will be blinded by the pomp, the mega posters announcing shows, the palms, the fountains. Let yourself be carried away by the Strip. This is the ideal month to visit the city, and why not go to the Grand Canyon. The temperatures are between 10 and 20 degrees.

Texas is also an excellent solution. Or Florida and Louisiana: you will still find good weather.

Almost summer temperatures, with highs reaching 26 degrees, for Argentina. In this period, Buenos Aires, with its wonderful colors, is ready to welcome you along its lively streets and neighborhoods.


Not just Thailand. From 11 to 15 November, you too can celebrate the victory of good over evil in Mumbai. In this period, in fact, the famous Festival of Lights takes place.
Alternatively, the UAE is an excellent solution. The climate is not as hot as in August. In this month, temperatures are acceptable and sea water has truly ideal temperatures. Set off to discover the beautiful Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Among other things, right in this period, there are excellent flight + hotel combinations.

And what about Hong Kong? You will be pleasantly struck by this city that never sleeps; an incredibly lively and hectic metropolis. While you’re at it, jump on the Escalator, the longest escalator in the world.



The warm season in New Zealand begins in November. Hardly this month you will find hordes of tourists in this part of the globe. You can then travel to discover the wonderful places and landscapes of the “Lord of the Rings”; the beaches of the Catlins area

Alternatively, a trip to Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock will surely give you incredible emotions. Not to mention the Great Barrier Reef, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. An extraordinary show. September, October and November are the ideal months with mild temperatures. You will avoid particularly hot summers and rainy winters.


However, the climate is sultry and rainfall is frequent and sudden with a high humidity level; here are the reasons why it is better to avoid the Caribbean. Areas of Central America are also to be avoided. In Mexico, the hurricane season ends on 11/30; you could also find yourself in the midst of tropical storms, which bring strong winds and very heavy rains over a few days.


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