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Athens. Get in by plane and ferryboat. Practical info and guide


The cradle of Western civilization.

A cosmopolitan metropolis, as well as an economic, industrial and financial center of Greece, Athens seems to cling to the past with its fingernails, of which it preserves wonderful traces and testimonies; a past that not even the most inconsiderate, and insane intervention of modernization and massive consolidation, can in no way cancel.

And so, the wonderful acropolis, eternal and timeless jewel that dominates the city, is almost mortified by the cement, the smog and the rush to modernization that reigns around it: spirit and contradiction of the whole city and, perhaps, of Greece itself .

But…. what opens before the eyes is something that can not be told in words. That see it closely, or in the distance; day or night, all lit up … that hill where centuries and centuries of history are enclosed is something that will warm your heart. Too good to be true!

The city where democracy was born; she who was the birthplace of philosophers and thinkers of the caliber of Pericles, Plato, Socrates and others; the oldest city in the world!

Get in Athens


An approximate but rather realistic assessment, estimated in almost 40 million, the number of passengers that each year make a stopover in the city by sea or air. This figure, rather, gives an idea of ​​how much the Greek capital is frequented.


From the 2001 the new airport of Eleftherios Venizelos, named after the homonymous and illustrious Greek political figure. Located just over 35 km east of the capital, it has two slopes, and an underground stop. For three years he was awarded the recognition Skytrax, which is the best airport in Southern Europe.

The airport is well connected to the main European capitals and, above all, to the Greek islands. During the summer, many choose, for example, to stop in Athens to reach the Cyclades or the Dodecanese islands. Many companies make direct connections between the capital and the main European destinations.


Every year, around 20 millions of passengers flow to the Piraeus, port of Athens, and one of the main naval ports of the whole of Europe; The Capital of Greece is located at 11 km south-east of the Port. The ship is the most chosen means to reach the Greek capital, especially during the summer; from here, in fact, leave the ships that every day from May to September, sail on the main Greek islands.

From Italy, we get to Patrasso, or alternatively, to the most distant Igoumenitsa: from here, by car, or possibly train, you reach Athens.
From Patrasso, it takes about 210 km, almost all on the motorway section, always following the signs for Athens. The toll is just under €10.
The distance from it is much greater Igoumenitsa: about 450 km, of which, just half, on highway. Therefore, account for at least 6 hours to reach Athens.

There are up to 153 crossings a day from Piraeus. Ferries connect Crete, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, the Aegean Islands, Lesbos, the Saronic Islands, Greece, the Island of Samos, Icaria & the Ionian Islands.

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