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Visit San Lorenzo de Escorial, near Madrid. Historic center, museums

Visit San Lorenzo de Escorial

Besides the complex world heritage site, those who have a few hours available to visit San Lorenzo de Escorial will be pleasantly surprised.



Obviously, nothing striking. Especially after visiting the majestic and monumental Escorial.

Visit San Lorenzo de Escorial

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Floridablanca is one of the main streets of the cottadina, ideal for refreshing yourself after visiting the Escorial. You can relax in one of the many bars and clubs overlooking the Monastery. The walk to the center is quite pleasant. You can admire palaces, interesting buildings and beautiful squares such as that of the Constitución.
At C. del Rey, 41, is the Cocheras del Rey Museum. A small and interesting museum that displays pieces and carriages used in the period of Charles III. Possibility to have lunch in the adjoining restaurant with entrance tickets included.


Moving away from the center, nature reigns supreme. You can breathe clean air, in contact with the vegetation. Many paths, lonely places and splendid views await you here. To be done in total relaxation.

You walk uphill for about 1500 meters to reach the splendid Mirador Abantos. 100% nature and truly spectacular views of the Monastery. An absolutely non-demanding walk along paths.

Not far from the train station is the Parque de la Manguilla, a large urban park with lots of shade, benches and, if necessary, a parking lot. Children can run freely in this area literally surrounded by nature. It is not particularly well-kept but it is a nice park to relax. There are also some games for the little ones.

Silla felipe II Escorial

Photo ©, Santiago Lopez-pastor

Follow the signs for Silla de Felipe II and Ermita de la Virgin Gracia, for a suggestive walk on Calle Monte Escorial.
The Hermitage is truly fascinating, surrounded by nature and the Herrería forest. Even more magical at night, illuminated.
The natural walk leads to the place so dear to Philip II, from whom he loved to contemplate the Monastery.

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