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Animals of Bjorneparken: brown bear, fox, wolves, alpacas, goats, moose

Animals of Bjorneparken

Vassfaret is a mountain area teeming with wildlife, and even bears. The project to build an immense area in which all animals could live together, preserving their natural habitat, started from the latter.

Thus was born the beautiful Bear Park in Flå, Norway.

A magical place where animals are the absolute protagonists.
Rugg is now a rather familiar name in these parts, being the first Brown bear to ever set foot (or more correctly the paws) in the Park.
Today he is in excellent company: with him are his stepbrothers Anton and Trym, and mother bear.
Four splendid specimens of Brown Bear that you can admire up close. Especially during their spectacular performances as they feed.

Animals of Bjorneparken Flå in Norway

Photo ©, Jechstra

Among the animals of Bjorneparken, deer are also very popular. The park is home to three of these fascinating and majestic animals.
Equally beautiful are moose, even if they sometimes show … a nice character. Four females and one King.

Where is Norway’s largest crocodile exhibit located?
Obviously here!
The American alligator. The Cuban crocodile. The green anaconda … these are just some of the numerous specimens that populate the Land of the Crocodiles.


Naturally, the list of guests of the Park is rich, with animals to be admired. The Alpaca, a kind of white camel, was almost adored by the natives of South America.
Goats, quite common in Norway, are particularly loved by children, who can cuddle them on the Park’s farm.
To the fox friends, the little ones can even feed from their own hand!

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