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Skansen Funicular in Stockholm. Timetables, Bergbana tickets

Skansen Funicular

Coming from the center of Stockholm and the fascinating Vasa Museum, you enter the Skansen open-air museum and Zoo from the main entrance, the Hazelius gate.
Here, if you want to avoid a demanding climb, you can use the Bergbana, the historic Skansen funicular.

The Bergbana was built in 1897, on the occasion of the Stockholm Exposition, on the north-western side of Skansen. A great success, considering the number of passengers carried.

Initially 109 meters long, it was in regular service until the 1940s. Subsequently it was deeply renewed and modernized, above all to meet the needs in terms of safety.

Skansen Funicular

Photo ©, Rosser1954

The path, surrounded by nature, has almost doubled, bringing the length of the path to 196 meters overall.
Lazy people can use it to avoid the hill climb from the Hazelius entrance!



Bergbana is located inside the Skansen open-air museum and zoo.
It is accessed from the main entrance, north-west of Skansen.

You can get there by public transport, using tram 7 and buses 44,47 and 67. Alternatively, it is a 5-minute walk from the ferry terminal (Allmänna gränd).


Tickets valid for one ride can be purchased directly at the cash desk at the entrance.
It costs 30kr per person, at full rate, and 20kr, reduced.

It takes a couple of minutes to complete the journey around the Skansen Funicular.

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