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Attractions of Skansen, ethnographic museum, zoo, aquarium

Attractions of Skansen

First open-air museum, and oldest zoo. Skansen is one of the most popular places for visitors.
Here are the activities and attractions of Skansen not to be missed.


Skansen is an absolutely wonderful place. The ideal place to discover history, tradition and folklore. You can admire the houses of the past, perfectly integrated into the context. Each building has plants typical of the farms and the nature of their time.

In each building there are characters in authentic clothes that tell you what life was like in Sweden in ancient times. How once we worked, the tools and utensils used.


Attractions of Skansen

Horses of the Norwegian fjords and ponies, loved by children. The lynx. The beautiful moose and reindeer. Seals, otters, wolves, bison. The brown bear, the largest Swedish predator. And many rare breeds of historical interest.
Without a doubt, the zoo is one of Skansen’s most popular attractions for both adults and children. Skansen also has several species that are part of national and international conservation projects.

Another area particularly loved by children is Lill-Skansen, the children’s zoo since 1955. Here, young visitors can be in contact with about thirty animal species, including rabbits, goats, toads. There is also a playground, a small theater and a shop.


In Skansen you can admire all the beauty and biodiversity of the Baltic Sea through the interesting aquariums.
There are also workshops and many activities especially for children.


In Skansen there are events and activities on the bill almost all year round.
In February, appointment with the Sami National Day. Events not to be missed at Easter.
Walpurgis Night, April 30th, offers fascinating and evocative shows, with lots of entertainment, and traditional fires.
Midsummer, here as in the whole country, is an absolutely unique event.
The traditional autumn market is beautiful: a tradition that has been repeated since the 19th century. Appointment, this year, from 21 to 23 June 2024.
During the Christmas period, fascinating markets will be set up from the first week of Advent. On December 31st, fireworks and celebrations for the arrival of the new year.

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