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Olympos in Karpathos. How to arrive, what to do and see. Route


Leave all hope or you who… want to go to Olympos !!

If you were to come across some forum about Karpathos, because, maybe, it is your intention to stay on this WONDERFUL island, you will find many tips and tips on road connections.
There are those who claim that only a 4X4 should be used, who strongly advise against the use of scooters and scooters (someone even came to claim that they are literally swept away by the power of the Meltemi !!!!!!); among the many forums, you will find plenty of them, about the road to reach the north of the island, and in particular, the beautiful village of Olympos. An impractical, impossible, impervious road, and … whoever has it, put it. NOTHING MORE FALSE.

Olympos Karpathos

As for the means to move around the island, you can consult the KANOA SPECIAL GUIDE by clicking here. About the road for Olympos, do not be fooled: it is totally passable, except for a very good dirt road and rough (about one km), for which you just need a little ‘of caution and attention. Nothing more. And it is written by those who are lucky enough to have tested it. Fortunately, because, moreover, the road is really impressive and offers glimpses and really beautiful views.
Above all, it is the picturesque village of Olympos, with its houses almost suspended in the air, climbing on the edge of the mountain on one side, and descending down, in the opposite direction.

Back in the nineteenth century, the village was completely isolated from everything else, built of natural stone and without chimneys, so as to be disguised as pirates (who often attacked Karpathos). Here, tradition reigns supreme: we still speak an ancient dialect, and find women dressed in traditional clothes with handkerchiefs on their heads and embroidered blouses.
Among other things, it must be said that Olympos is dubbed the “Women’s Village” for the massive female presence and, above all, because once upon a time, men were out to fight pirates or to work. It’s a bit like a miniature outdoor museum. In all sincerity, even the presence of women in costume, and the many souvenir shops, seem more a forcing tourist, but it is still worthwhile to go so far, even to break the routine of the sea and beach of Karpathos.

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