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Nikouria. How to reach the islet and the beautiful beaches near Amorgos


One of the most beautiful and wild places of Amorgos. If you are looking for a charming, quiet place, with its pristine beaches and crystal-clear beaches, Nikouria is for you.


Photo ©, Leonidas Kourmadas

The island, once upon a time, was a leper colony. Today, it is completely uninhabited, except for the few goats that animate it during the year. Some, you can see them walking behind the beach.

In this really picturesque island, you will find incredible peace, tranquility, and fantastic sandy beaches. The sea is fantastic, with nuances that go from turquoise to light blue to deep blue. Once you reach the island, with the taxi boat, you will have the opportunity to wander around the island, in search of small and picturesque beaches and inlets.

Obviously, it is a suitable place especially for lovers of tranquility

Wild island, without equipment. We recommend that you bring everything you need, including a parasol. Do not forget, above all, to bring water.


The splendid islet, stands in front of the beach of Agios Pavlos, 7 km south of the port of Aegiali, and easily accessible by car and scooter, following the appropriate indications. Every year, from here, in the high season, from the 11:00 to the 19:00, the caiques leave with destination Nikouria. The fare should be around €4,00 per person for a return trip. The journey is quite short.

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map of the Island

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