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Beaches of Amorgos beaches and best coves and inlets not to be missed

Beaches of Amorgos

The beaches of Amorgos are undoubtedly the protagonists of the holiday on the Greek island. Here are some of the most interesting.



Many tourists consider it to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Amorgos. And actually… it’s really beautiful. Sandy beach, and pebbles that plunge into the sea. Crystal clear water, with wonderful colors, ranging from emerald to turquoise. Underwater caves, accessible only by swimming. A beautiful and evocative beach, absolutely not to be missed during your holiday. Mourou is also one of the most popular tourist spots. Not being particularly large, we recommend arriving early.

The beach is located on the southwestern coast of the island, between the villages of Arkesini and Kamari. It is easily accessible by own transport or by bus from the Chora.

The stunning Mouros Tavern, overlooking the beach, is the ideal place to stop for lunch, and eat fresh fish with great views.


Amorgos beaches

Photo ©, Kostas Limitsios

If your disposition prompts you to be allergic to social relations, the uninhabited islet of Gramvousa is for you. A small boat leaves from the beach of Kalotaritissa and, during the summer, leads to the small islet. Crystal clear sea and, above all, a lot of relaxation await you in this particularly peaceful place.


A long expanse of sand and gravel, well sheltered from the sun and the Meltemi, so much so that at certain times of the day it looks like a real natural swimming pool! Sometimes, however, there is no lack of wind blows! Kalotaritissa is located in the southwestern tip of the island, just over 10 kilometers from Mourou. The bay in which it is located has a suggestive horseshoe shape, with an extraordinarily crystalline and transparent sea. Our cars and scooters can be reached easily and is well signposted. Really lovely, as well as one of the best beaches of Amorgos.


After Kalotaritissa, after Olympia, is this particularly famous beach. It is not the most beautiful of the island, but certainly worth a visit. The beach is the top for those who love soft and golden sand. The water is really beautiful and crystal clear. Place particularly suitable for those who love snorkeling. Be careful, because sometimes the meltemi blows rather strongly in these parts.

The area is easily accessible by car and scooter.


We are sure that this suggestive inlet will hit you at first sight. Beautiful sea, beautiful golden beach, and the small church overlooking the sea to frame. If you were on the right day, without wind, it’s a postcard place. A truly enchanting beach, in a typically wild setting.

The beach also has a sloping bottom which makes it particularly suitable for everyone. To get to the beach, you have to pass the village of Kolofana. You drive for about a kilometer on a dirt road, not particularly difficult.


Agia Anna and best Beaches of Amorgos

Photo ©, Graeme Churchard

Suggestive cove of gravel and smooth rocks, dominated by the church of the same name, from which you can take great photos. It is located at 2 km north of the Chora, not far from Mourou Beach. The beach is also easily accessible by bus. In the car, or scooter, before starting the descent you will find a convenient parking.

Agia Anna, moreover, is not far from Moni Panagias Chozoviotissas, the spectacular perched monastery, reachable in just over 40 minutes walk from the beach.


Located between Katapola and Aegiali, Agios Pavlos is one of the most popular beaches of Amorgos by tourists. It can be easily reached by car, scooter and even by bus; the stop is not far from the beach. The phenomenon of the tides gives it its strange shape. Beautiful beach with clear pebbles, overlooking the splendid island of Nikouria, of which we recommend an escape. In fact, in Agios Pavlos, boats leave for the island. More info, through this link.


View of Aegiali bay Amorgos Greece

Photo ©, Dcarters

The bay is very popular with the Greeks, on the northern part of the island. Here, you will find a series of Caleta and beaches, many of which are rather long, characterized by golden sand. Around, trees and vegetation to shelter from the heat. Aegiali is the central beach, as well as the longest of the island, with an extension of over a kilometer. A sandy expanse, with crystal clear waters. Suitable for everyone, especially families with children. Being central, it is particularly convenient to reach.

Levrossos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Amorgos, much appreciated by nudists. It is the natural continuation of Aegiali, which is about a twenty minute walk away. Continuing, particularly beautiful, and less crowded, is Psili Ammos.


A few kilometers north of the Port of Katapola is Maltezi, a rather popular beach of Amorgos.
It can be reached by taxi-boat directly from the port; perform service from 11: 00, in high season. The ticket can be purchased directly at the port, at the cost of 3,50 €.
The preferred method, however, is on foot. About half an hour from the port, passing through the suggestive Agios Panteleimon, a typical Cycladic style church. Great vantage point, ideal for your shots.
Coming by scooter, in Xylocheratidi, in less than 10 minutes of walking you will arrive in Maltezi.

Maltezi is a sandy beach with incredibly clear and crystalline waters

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