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Capri funicular. Stations and connection. Opening hours, tickets

Capri funicular

Inaugurated in 1907, although already in operation two years earlier, the Capri Funicular is a historic vehicle that connects Marina Grande (the port) and the town of Capri, in the center of the island.

Since the year of its birth, the Capri Funicular has met with great consensus, becoming a real social phenomenon. But, above all, it has supplanted the old transport on the back of mules, used before its birth.

The two cars have always kept their red color, which contrasts with the green vegetation of the route.

Over the decades, the funicular has undergone numerous recovery and modernization interventions, especially in terms of safety, adopting the latest technologies. The last update, in chronological order, was in 2018. Thanks to it, it was possible to increase the capacity in the car by about 20%.

Despite this, in the high season, an impressive line of tourists eagerly awaits their turn, for hundreds and hundreds of meters. A wait that for many becomes really exhausting.

Capri Funicular

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The Capri Funicular route is 670 meters long, with a height of up to 139 meters, and a total of 2 stations.
The valley station is located in Via Cristoforo Colombo 14, in Marina Grande, near the pier and the tourist port.

The Monte Station is located in the center of Capri, in what they simply call the “Piazzetta”.
At the entrance to the Funicular, where the Funicolare bar is located, a terrace opens to you with a splendid view of Capri and the Gulf


The funicular runs every day, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 06:30 (first ride) to 21:20 (last ride).
Runs depart every 15 minutes but during busy periods, frequencies may be reduced to around 10 minutes (or even less)
The complete journey takes just under 5 minutes.


The funicular is managed by SIPPIC (Società Anonima Imprese Pubbliche e Private Isola di Capri)
A ticket valid for one journey costs €2.00 per person.
There are no reduced fare travel tickets, day tickets or season tickets.
At the valley station, in Via Cristoforo Colombo 14, there is no ticket office, only the entrance to the funicular.
Do not queue without having purchased the ticket first as you will not be able to board the vehicle.
Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices located on the right

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