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Getting around Split and its sorroundings by public transport. Info, tickets

Getting around Split

Forget cars and any other means to get around the center of Split; the only thing you need is your legs. On foot, you can walk through the beautiful alleys of the Old Town or along the famous Riva; maybe, with an ice-cream cone in his hand. Right here, ice cream parlors are reputed to be the best in all of Croatia.

If you would like to move to the outlying areas, or to the beach areas, you can take one of the Promet Split buses that handle road transport.

The company connects in a capillary way Spalato and surroundings thanks to over 50 bus lines. Generally, buses are active from Monday to Saturday, from 06:00 approximately, up to 23:00; on Sundays, there is an extremely limited number of rides (generally, a couple, throughout the day). Night service is not available.

Move to Split

The car is an excellent solution, especially for visiting the surroundings of the city, without the hassle of timetables. You can find several rental agencies that offer really competitive prices.


The tariff system is divided into 4 zones. Anyone wishing to move to Split, between the center and the outskirts, will only use tickets for the 1 AREA. For Kastela, you have to buy tickets for the 3 AREA while, to get to Trogir, you have to use tickets for the 4 AREA.

The 1 ZONE ticket for a single trip costs 9,00Kn if purchased from merchants, and 11,00Kn on board. In the city, it is possible to find several merchants displaying the PROMET brand.

Only for the 1 zone the price increase is foreseen in the case of purchase on board. The 2 Zone ticket costs 13,00Kn; 3 Zone costs 17,00Kn and finally, for 4 Zone, you pay 21,00Kn. It is evident, in any case, that the cost of public transport for getting around Split is really low.

More info on the official website, through this link.

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