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Odense. How to get there by car, train and plane from Copenhagen Billund


Less than 2 hours in Copenhagen, Odense is a beautiful Danish city, known for being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.
A city halfway between history and legend. His name, in fact, seems to derive from one of the legends of Scandinavian mythology: Odin.

A destination not to be missed, and to visit slowly, between a walk in the beautiful old town, and a visit of its neighborhoods and monuments. Without forgetting, of course, some shopping, and a trip to Andersen’s birthplace.

Furthermore, Odense is a good starting point for discovering the beauties of the island of Fan, among beautiful castles, and suggestive landscapes.




For medium or long distances, the aircraft is the best solution.
After the construction of the Great Belt Bridge, Odense airport saw a significant reduction in international air connections. Today, traffic is limited to about ten seasonal connections with Antalya, Dublin, Edinburgh, Naples, Pisa, Rhodes, Varna and Verona.

The international airport of Kastrup, near the capital, can be considered the best starting point. The airport is less than two hours away by crossing the Great Belt bridge.
It offers numerous direct connections to the main European destinations, and is well connected by public transport and trains. From the Capital, in about 90′ (or even less), you can reach Odense with the Intercity train. Tickets cost between DKK 191 (about €25) and DKK 309 (€40), depending on the period and the offer.

In Billund, there is the second busiest airport in the country, located about 100km away. It offers excellent direct air connections; compared to Copenhagen, traveling by car will not have to face the costs for crossing the bridge.
From the airport, renting a car, in about 90′ you arrive at your destination. Alternatively, by public transport, you will have to call at Vejle, with 43 and 143 bus lines. From here, the IC train leaves for Odense. The journey, in total, takes about a little more than 2 hours.


Banegard Center, is the central railway station from which the IC, ICL and Regional trains pass. Quite modern and efficient, it has restaurants, shopping and restaurants, and is located within easy reach of the city center.
From here, public buses and long-distance vehicles pass.
Every day connections are guaranteed with the main Danish destinations, such as Copenhagen (just over an hour and a half) or Aarhus.
From Hamburg, Germany, it takes about 5 hours to get to your destination.


The city is centrally located within the island of Funen, crossed from the east to the west by the E20 motorway to Copenhagen and Billund.
The distances, from the north of Germany, are far from abysmal and, a journey by car can be seriously considered.
From Hamburg, you travel slightly more than 300km on A7 and E45. From Berlin, however, the distance is 590km, via A24, passing through Lübeck.

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