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Getting around Odense on foot, by bike or bus. Info, bus timetable, tickets

Getting around Odense

With the exception of the zoo, located a couple of kilometers away, the main attractions of the city are located a short distance between them. Therefore, the most practical way for getting around in Odense is, without a doubt, on foot, or, alternatively, by bike.
Buses and taxis are an ideal solution for medium to long distance distances, or for visiting the points of interest of the island of Fyn.


To visit most of the city’s attractions, you won’t have to walk more than 10 minutes. Monuments, attractions and main districts are all located in a limited area, easily accessible on foot.

The bike is an excellent alternative to get to places and areas that are difficult to reach on foot. Moreover, the city, like all Denmark, has always been sensitive to the issue of sustainability. In this sense, CIBI is the optimal solution to rent your bike for free, simply by using your smartphone. More info on the official foods

Getting around Odense

Photo ©, Dariusz Sieczkowski


Fynbus is a sort of consortium that unites several transport companies operating within the Danish island, from Langeland a Middelfart e Nordfin, passing through Odense.
The service is efficient, and allows you to move around Fyn, move around Odense, and the main points of interest nearby.
The buses are modern.
Schedules and frequencies vary depending on the line, distance and importance.
The 10C, 21-24, 31-32, 41-42, 51-53 lines pass near the center, with 10 ‘frequencies also.
Funen Village, can be reached with the 21, 22, 110 and 111 lines. These last two, allow to reach even the zoo.


The tariff system is based on the number of areas crossed during the journey.
In general, for getting around Odense and to the nearest points of interest, such as the zoo, you have to buy the ticket for 2 zone, at the cost of 24kr per adult.
The price, of course, is more consistent for long-distance journeys, going beyond 80 crowns.
Children from the 4 to the 15 years, are entitled to a reduction of 50%.
Children up to 3 years travel FREE with a paying adult.

Tickets can be purchased directly on board, from exhibitors displaying the brand, on the official website, or through the dedicated app.

Some special tickets are sold at certain times of the year, such as summer, or at events such as Easter and the Christmas holidays.
The so-called TOURIST TICKETS are valid for a whole day and allow unlimited travel on all vehicles.
Keep in mind that they MUST be purchased on the day of their use.
You can opt for the version from 1 person, at the cost of 50 crowns, or 4 people at the cost of 140 crowns.
Tourist tickets can be purchased online, on the official website.

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