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Vacation in Mykonos. What to do and see in your summer. Best places

Vacation in Mykonos

Sun, sea, lots of nightlife, but also beautiful places and villages to visit. This is Mykonos, one of the most loved and well known islands of the Cyclades.

Here’s what to do and see during your summer vacation in Mykonos.



The main place of the vacation in Mykonos where you will spend most of your time and days. In the central streets, restaurants, sparkling jewelers and boutiques await you. And, of course, the many trendy clubs and haunts of the Mykonos night people, always awake. But it is by leaving the busier streets that you can discover the other less commercial soul of Mykonos. Narrow alleys, hidden corners, Cycladic architecture and whitewashed houses that contrast with the blue of the windows, and the beautiful flowered balconies. A truly magical place!

Limani is the splendid area of ​​the marina, full of cafes and restaurants, and the clearly visible houses, arranged almost like an amphitheater. Ideal for a stroll after dinner, with the colorful fishing boats and the lights reflecting off the sea. Waters on which Agios Nikolaos, protector of sailors, is reflected.

Ortodox Church in Mykonos

At the end of the port is the Kastro district, where an ancient castle once stood, of which only a few remains are present. Here, there is the church of Panagia Paraportiani, the oldest on the island. One of the symbolic places of Mykonos, super photographed, with postcard sunsets! In reality, it is an agglomeration of five ancient churches, built side by side over the years. The fifth and last one was built, instead, in a position above the others, so that today Panagia Paraportiani is spread over two levels.

Behind the port, you can walk in a maze of narrow streets, between small chapels and two-storey houses, strictly white. Matogianni and Odos Andronikou, are main streets crowded with cafes, restaurants, clubs, boutiques, jewelers, craft places. Ready for shopping?

For a cultural break, during the Mykonos Summer, the Aegean Maritime Museum is located in Tria Pigadia. The building displays objects and relics related to the maritime history of the Aegean. You will be able to see coins, ancient charts and nautical instruments, models of ships and boats. The museum is open every day, from April to October, from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 18:30 to 21:00. The entrance ticket costs €4.00 (students €2.00). More info on the official website.

North of the port, the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is a must for those who do not want to give up art during their vacation.

The museum exhibition includes a large number of vases, ranging from the prehistoric period to the late Hellenistic period. The exhibition includes funerary statues, steles, jewels and precious, clay figurines, from the second century BC; ceramics dated from the 25th to the 1st century BC. In addition, idols and funerary reliefs from the Rínia necropolis are exhibited.

In summer it is open every day, observing the following times:

Monday, 15: 00-22: 00.
Tuesday, 09: 00-22: 00.
Wednesday, 09: 00-15: 00.
From Thursday to Sunday, 09: 00-22: 00.

In winter, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 16:00.

The entrance ticket costs €4.00. Info and updates available on the official website, from here.



Photo ©, Bernard Gagnon

In importance, it is the second on the island, located about 8 kilometers from Mykonos Town. Rocky soils, suggestive chapels scattered between fields and hills, and small Cycladic-style houses, characterize this picturesque village.

The less touristy village on the island, it is characterized by the presence of a couple of hotels and some studios. In the central square, be sure to visit one of the small taverns where a quiet atmosphere and traditional cuisine await you.

Not to be missed, in the village, the monastery of Panaghia Tourliani, dated 1542, and rebuilt about 2 centuries later. It stands on the main plateau of the island around which the settlement of Ano Mera was born. The beautiful courtyard, with flowers and greenery, is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of Mykonos. Outside, a bell tower with stone decorations dominates, and a beautiful 17th century fountain.

Open every day, from 09.00 to 12.30, approximately and from 15.30 to 19.30. The timetable is subject to change.

Beyond the Monastery, on the hill opposite the village, you can discover the ruins of Paleokastro, an ancient Venetian fortress from the 14th century. built in the 12th century, and the remains of a Byzantine castle, as well as some tombs from the geometric period.



This small coastal village is located a couple of kilometers from Mykonos Town. Famous for the presence of the well-equipped beach of the same name, it represents an area in strong tourist growth. The main reason is due to the presence, in recent years, of the commercial port and the public port for yachts. Today, Tourlos is an interesting meeting point during your summer vacation in Mykonos.

Here, in fact, cruise ships and luxury boats dock. Today, it hosts many entertainment opportunities for tourists; there is no shortage of taverns and bars.

Particularly pretty at night, Tourlos is famous for its beautiful sunsets. The area is also famous thanks to the discovery of the famous icon of “Our Lady with the Child Jesus“.

Tourlos can be easily reached by own transport and the bus that leaves from the Chora.



Photo ©, Kondephy

A village that, despite a mass tourism development, still manages to preserve a typically rural aspect, with woods and farms. Perfect for a late afternoon visit, this ancient village is undoubtedly one of the most scenic in Mykonos.

Platys Gialos, however, is most famous for its stunning beaches, and is one of the most popular spots on the South coast. The bay consists of three smaller beaches: that of Psarou in the far right area, with the rock mass of Lazaros to the west; that of Platys Gialos in the middle and, finally, the sandy bay of Agios Anna to the southeast; the surrounding hills protect the bay from strong southerly winds.

On the hill of Platys Gialos you can see the remains of the ancient tower of the “Portes”, an extraordinary monument and symbol of the coastal area.

It is located about 4 km from the Chora, and can be reached by car and bus.


Best place Vacation in Mykonos

The nickname Little Venice is well suited to this splendid neighborhood, with its narrow streets, ancient churches and suggestive 16th century windmills, in an incredibly scenic location.

Little Venice is located right in the heart of Mykonos, with its characteristic houses, lapped by the seas, almost forming a labyrinth. The houses, in 1700, belonged to merchants and captains and it is said that, once upon a time, they served to keep the pirates who attacked the island away. Today, however, many of these houses have been transformed into restaurants, cafes, boutiques and art galleries.

Here, you absolutely must not miss an aperitif, in one of the most scenic and beloved corners of the island, in Little Venice, a palm of your hand from the sea. A show!

Your vacation in Mykonos cannot be considered over without having made a stop in Delos, a real gem of the Cyclades, not far from the island by boat.

Have a nice holiday and a good summer vacation in Mykonos!

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