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Getting around Mostar by public transport, on foot, by taxi and bus. Info

Getting around Mostar

The historic center of Mostar is rather small and concentrated. Therefore, you can easily move around on foot and visit the main points of interest.
To reach the suburbs and neighboring villages (including Medjugorje), you can use public transport.
Here are some info for getting around Mostar.


Here, you can hardly raise your hand and shout … taxi. Generally they are stationed in the main points of interest such as the railway station, airport, or near the Stare Mesto.
It is preferable to check the rate in advance, speaking in English.

Getting around Mostar


Mostar Bus, a local transport company, offers daily connections with the peripheral neighborhoods and the main places of the city.
The yellow buses are identified by progressive numbers from 1 to 48, for a total of 18 lines.
Buses run from morning until around 9:00 pm. After this time, you will almost certainly not see public transport circulating.
With the exception of the main lines, the vehicles operate exclusively on weekdays, or at most until Saturday. Lines 2 (Skakala-Rodoc-Jasenica), 10 (Sj.Logor-Blagaj), 22 and 29 also operate on Sundays, with reduced frequencies.

Line 6 is the main one, and connects Masline and Zalik. It works from Monday to Sunday, from 06:10 to 20:30, with frequencies of 30 ‘on weekdays, and 60’ on Saturdays and Sundays.
Line 48, on the other hand, connects Mostar with Medjugorje. It works from Monday to Saturday, from 06:30 to 19:40.


For getting around Mostar, and in the neighboring villages, you can only buy tickets for a single ride, directly on board the vehicle.
The rate varies according to the area. There are 3 different tariff zones, and as many prices.
The ticket for a single ride in Zone 1 costs 1.50KM per person. For 2 zones, 2.10KM. For three areas, 2.90KM
For suburban lines, the price is 3.50 and 4.00KM depending on the distance.

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