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Getting around Mont Saint Michel on foot or by shuttle bus. Routese

Getting around Mont Saint Michel

Inside the marvelous abbey, you can obviously move only on foot. There are, however, numerous possibilities to discover the place, following your own rhythms, up to the access to the highest point.


It is possible getting around Mont Sant Michel, and reach the Rock, through 3 different pedestrian paths that lead from the parking area to Place du Barrage. From the latter, the bridge-walkway leads to the abbey.

Getting around Mont Saint Michel

Each route takes an average of 50 minutes. La Lisière, offers a spectacular view of the Mont, continuing along a pedestrian street, perfectly accessible to all. Les Berges du Couesnon, on the other hand, is the path that leads up to the Dam. Finally, there is the Central Route, which crosses a tourist area with shops and supermarkets.


From Place des Navettes, near the Tourist Information Center in the parking area, the Le Passeur line leads, in about 10 minutes, to the Mont terminus, located 350m from the walls; passes through the intermediate stops of Route du Monte and Place du Barrage, near the Dam. The shuttle, completely FREE, operates with continuous service. The frequencies vary according to the number of visitors on the site, and the seasonality.

For those wishing to have a special experience, it is possible to use the Maringote Line. It is a particular shuttle pulled by… horses. At least an original way for getting around Mont Saint Michel, just as pilgrims once did. To use the Maringote Line, it is mandatory to purchase a special ticket at a cost of €6.70 per person. Only children under the age of 4 travel FREE.

The shuttle operates every day, with 8 trips, from 10:35 to 16:00 from Place des Navettes and from 11:15 to 16:40 from Mont Saint Michel

The transport of animals is not allowed on both shuttles.

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