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Mont Saint Michel. How to arrive by plane, train, bus, car, motorbike

Mont Saint Michel

The enchantment of the tides, a UNESCO heritage site since 1979

Mont-Saint-Michel is for France, what the Great Pyramid is for Egypt“. This is what Victor Hugo said about what the French dubbed la Merveille. It stands on a rocky islet, in a fantastic bay characterized by the greatest tides in Europe.
For a simple romantic getaway, or a weekend, it doesn’t matter: the place is truly suggestive and wonderful. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most visited sites in the whole country.


By car, scooter, train and even by plane. There are many solutions to get to your destination. Obviously, unless you are traveling by car, the combined use of the various means is almost certain.

Mont Saint Michel


Coming from France, and from medium/long haul destinations, it is preferable to arrive by plane. Depending on the airport, you can opt for the car (recommended) and public transport. Rennes-Saint-Jaques International Airport, the closest, is approximately 100 km away. The airport is connected, with direct flights, with the main French cities and some European destinations.

Nantes-Atlantique is more than just an alternative. Despite the distance of almost 200 km, direct connections with Europe are far superior to Rennes.

Paris, on the other hand, can be an excellent starting point. Perhaps combining a visit to the Ville Lumiere with a romantic getaway in Normandy. Thanks to the presence of two very important airports, the connections with Paris are really numerous and, in this case, it could be quite convenient to land in Orly, or Charles de Gaulle.


The car or, alternatively, the motorbike, are the best way to reach the destination. From Rennes airport, you have to travel just under 100km to reach your destination, most of which on the A81 motorway. From Nantes airport, however, the distance is almost 200 kilometers, passing through Rennes itself. The capital, on the other hand, is located about 360 kilometers east of Mont Saint Michel. Crossing the A13, you pass through Chartres. It could be an excellent opportunity to visit the wonderful Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site. From the capital, allow more than 3 hours to arrive at your destination.

The structure offers numerous parking spaces, not exactly cheap. Only 24h parking rates are available for cars at a cost of €9.80 in low season (from October to March) and €15 in high season (from April to September). Motorcycles pay €5.20 in low season and €6.20 in high season. After 19:00, you always pay the evening rate of 5.10€ (valid only for cars, regardless of the period)

Be careful not to lose your parking ticket. Otherwise, you’ll have to shell out €29.40!


Pontorson is the closest train station. TGV and TER offer connections from Paris, Caen, Rennes.

From Pontorson, buses leave every day for Mont Saint Michel, terminating in Mont, 350 meters from the walls. The bus stops at Pont Tranchéè, Center Equestre, Grève, Place des Navettes and Route du Mont. It operates from Monday to Friday, from 7:35 am (first ride) to 8:10 pm (last ride) from Pontorson Gare SNCF; from 08:10 to 19:15 in the opposite direction. Saturday, from 08:15 to 18:45 from Pontorson, and from 08:40 to 17:45 in the opposite direction. Sunday, 6 trips a day from Pontorson, from 08:20 to 18:10, and 4 trips a day from Mont, from 11:05 to 17:10. The ticket for a single journey costs €3.10 per person. Children under the age of 4 travel free.

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