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Visit of Mont Saint Michel. What to do and see in 1 or more days

Visit of Mont Saint Michel

A truly magical and evocative place like few others in the world.
A wonderful islet that rises in a bay, known for the phenomenon of the tides, right here of exceptional scope.
Half a day, or a little more, is enough for a visit of Mont Saint Michel, and discover the wonderful town, and the Benedictine abbey.
The spectacle of the place appears visible, along the way, from miles away. Really fascinating.



After crossing the bridge-walkway, you reach the walls. Porte de l’Avancée, Porte du Boulevard and Porte du Roi, are the three access points to the town.
The Grand Rue is the only road present, which climbs along the slopes of the islet.

The road goes around the rock, up to the slopes of the Sanctuary. The route is dotted with souvenir shops, boutiques, clubs, hotels and restaurants.
Èglise Saint-Pierre, along the way, is a small, and charming, Catholic church that stands near the cemetery, before reaching the Abbey. Consecrated to the cult of St. Peter, it is a small building built between the 15th and 16th centuries. During your visit of Mont Saint Michel, you can attend masses, celebrated from Sunday to Friday at 11 am and Saturday at 6 pm. During the Sundays of the months of July and August, also in the afternoon at 5 pm.


Visit of Mont Saint Michel

The splendid Benedictine abbey was built starting from the 10th century. It presents different styles, the result of overlapping parts and buildings over the following centuries. The enlargement was made necessary by the considerable increase in pilgrims from every corner of the country. Thus we pass from the Romanesque to the Gothic, to the Carolingian.

Corridors, terraces, stairways, and rooms on different levels make up this extraordinary complex. From the top of the Sanctuary, you can enjoy a wonderful view across the bay.

While visiting Mont Saint Michel, don’t miss the wonderful 13th-century Cloister, wonderfully punctuated by slender columns and reliefs engraved in the Caen stone. Very beautiful!
On the third level of the complex, there is the abbey church, dedicated to the archangel Michael, preceded by a large churchyard. Outside, you can admire the numerous Gothic spiers, and the bell tower dominated by the golden statue of San Michele, 170 meters high.


The Abbey is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, at the following times:
From September to April, from 09:30 to 18:00. From May to August, from 09:00 to 19:00.
The ticket, full fare per adult, costs €11. FREE for under 18, disabled people and their carers, and citizens of EU countries between 18 and 25 years old.
The ticket office is located at the entrance to the Sanctuary, in the Guard Room.

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