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Getting to Lithuanian folk museum from Kaunas, Vilnius by car, bus, boat

Getting to Lithuanian folk museum

If you have decided to visit Kaunas and, above all, if you are in the company of your children, you cannot fail to visit the Lithuanian Folk Museum. It is one of the largest open-air museums in all of Europe. It extends, in fact, for 195 hectares.

The ethnographic museum is located just under 30 kilometers from Kaunas, not far from the capital.
It can be easily reached by car (recommended method), bus and even by boat.


The Lithuanian city is the closest to the Museum, just 26 kilometers away.
The car is the preferable solution because it will allow you to move around independently. From Kaunas, simply take the A1, and take the Rumšiškės / Pravieniškės / Alytus / Road 188 exit. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Getting to Lithuanian folk museum

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By bus, the Lithuanian companies Toks, Šilutės AP and Kautra connect Kaunas and Rumšiškės in about 30 minutes. The ticket for a single journey costs from 2.20€ to 2.60€ per adult, depending on the travel company. With the Kautra bus you can buy the family ticket at a cost of €5.40 for 2 adults and 1 child.
You travel aboard modern and efficient vehicles, equipped with free wifi for all guests.

Getting to Lithuanian folk museum by train is not recommended because the closest stop (Pravieniškės) is a good 5 km away from the central entrance.


Even from Vilnius, given the far from excessive distance, it is possible to visit the Museum during the day.
In fact, it is necessary to travel a distance of about 80 kilometers from the capital. The A1 in the direction of Kaunas is the reference point. Take the exit for Pravieniškės, continuing on to Lekavičiaus g. and Rumšiškės. It takes about an hour to get to your destination from Vilnius.

Even from the capital it is possible to get to the Ethnographic Museum by bus. Also in this case, the service is guaranteed by the lithuanian companies Toks, Šilutės AP and Kautra, with a travel time of about 70 minutes. The standard fare ticket, in this case, goes from a minimum of €6.80 to a maximum €7.40 depending on the vehicle chosen. Toks generally offers the cheapest prices.
The wifi line is available free of charge for the entire journey for all guests.


A rather fascinating and suggestive method to reach the Museum is by boat. Every Sunday, from May to September, there are departures from the Kaunas Pier (Lagoon Pier in Pažaislis) for the small marina of Rumšiškių prieplauka. The latter is located just over a kilometer from the museum entrance. You can get to the Lithuanian Folk Museum in about 15 minutes on foot.


The popular museum has a large outdoor parking area. You can decide to leave your car or, alternatively, visit the entire complex with your vehicle in tow, paying the relevant entrance ticket.

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