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Attractions at Lithuanian Folk Museum: villages, events, workshops

Attractions at Lithuanian Folk Museum

The Lithuanian Folklore Museum is a wonderful open-air ethnographic park and museum in which historic villages are reproduced to perfection, meticulously reconstructed.

It offers a truly unique way to relive the past, traditions and customs of yesteryear.


Attractions at Lithuanian Folk Museum

Four wonderful villages typical of the most important regions of Lithuania: Dzūkija (Dainava), Aukštaitija (Highlands), Suvalkija (Sudovia), Žemaitija (Samogitia) and Lithuania Minor. Houses and dwellings are reproduced in their natural environment. Interiors and exteriors perfectly recall the reference period. Inside the buildings are exhibits of household appliances, crafts, trade, agricultural machinery and ethnobotany. They are undoubtedly the attractions at the Lithuanian Folk Museum not to be missed.

You will be able to see entire cities reconstructed to perfection up close, with a market square with natural stone paving, a church, an inn and houses of various craftsmen and traders engaged in the processing of ceramics, weaving, amber and wood.
Aristavėlė Manor House, which dates back to the 18th century, retains its appearance of a typical noble residence. It is located in the museum’s northwestern territory (beyond the Highland village).


Each year the museum hosts more than 15 events. The calendar is always in constant evolution and is mainly based on the cycle of the seasons and on various family customs.
Without a doubt, these are particular and very interesting events, because they create an even more complete image of the past.

Shrove Tuesday of Carnival, Easter, Day of the stork, Day of crafts, work and entertainment, St. John’s Eve, St. Anne’s day and the rye harvest. And, again, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, or the great fire on Christmas Eve. These are just some of the most interesting events and moments related to the Park.

In addition to the events and attractions at Lithuanian Folk Museum, you will be able to admire extraordinary exhibitions, activities and workshops. The exhibition of the movement of exile and resistance is a tribute to the tragic period of Lithuanian history. The exhibition consists of a pit (yurt), a railway carriage used to transport deportees, a hiding place (bunker) and memorials. Really wonderful.

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