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Getting around Kinsale by public transport, walking by car and taxi. Prices

Getting around Kinsale

As soon as you reach the colorful Irish town, there are very few alternatives to get around.
Having a fairly small and concentrated center, for Kinsale you travel exclusively on foot. Buses, cars and taxis are solutions to consider if you want to reach places further away from the historic center.


Getting around Kinsale

Photo ©, Caragonmu

The main bus station is located in the center, near the large main car park. This is also the terminus of Lina 226 which arrives at Cork train station via the airport.
From here, you can walk to all of Kinsale’s main attractions. In less than 10 minutes you can reach Desmond Castle.


If you arrive by car, there is no shortage of parking spaces in Kinsale. The car will obviously not be a means of getting around Kinsale.

The main car park, as well as the largest for availability of spaces, is located in the center, near the central Market Quai.
Not far from here, you will find other parking areas along Piet Road and Bandon Rd.


Taxis are not exactly the best for getting around Kinsale. Several companies offer rides in limousines, cabs and minibuses up to 8 seats. Prices are not exactly cheap. In our opinion, buses are better to cover medium/long-haul distances.

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